SG Cricket Bats 2021 - Range Overview

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 16th Feb 2021

SG Cricket Bats 2021 - Range Overview

Hi Readers! Welcome to another post on the Cricket Store Online Blog. We hope you read our last blog on the new SG 2021 bats that we have in store. Keep following our blog throughout the year to stay updated about the latest and greatest cricket gear that we have to offer.

In this blog, we will talk about the types of SG Cricket Bats 2021 and the overall range that we have available in our Cricket Store Online. We’re excited to have the newest and latest SG cricket bats available for sale for you to get ready for this year’s cricket season. Throughout this blog, we will walk you through each and every bat model in detail and provide recommendations for you based on your needs and preferences.

First up is a little bit of history about SG and why you should consider buying a SG bat over other brands. Fun quick story: Back in the 90s, when I was young and new to cricket, I thought SG stood for Sunil Gavaskar. Because he is such a legend, I actually thought they named a bat after him. SG actually stands for Sanspareils Greenlands (good luck trying to pronounce that), and is a prominent bat manufacturer in India. SG bats are used by many Indian Cricketers and some International Cricketers have also endorsed it, but you will see them heavily used in Ranji Trophy matches or local competitions in India. With its headquarters in Meerut, UP (just like SS bats), SG bats are well known for their Player Edition bats that they have recently started releasing. If you have checked out SG bats available in our store, they’re usually available in two categories: SG’s usual range of bats that they offer in retail and SG’s range of player-specific bats, such as Hardik Pandya and Shane Watson. In this blog, we will cover the usual range of bats available in our store, and then in the upcoming blogs, we will cover all the player-specific bats that we carry. Our experts hand select most of these bats to make sure our customers are getting the absolute best that SG has to offer.

We try to inform you of all the available ranges that we currently have in store and recommend you bats based on your preferences, but if you happen to like a specific bat model that we don’t carry, please Whatsapp us at (609)666-4464 or email us at We have ordered many specialized, customised, and limited edition bats for our customers. For example, we just recently placed an order for a GM Diamond Bat, that we currently don’t have in stock online, for our customer who was looking for a “Ben Stokes” bat. For the readers of this blog, we also invite you to join our private Whatsapp group full of returning and loyal Cricket Store Online patrons. We post heavy discount deals on all kinds of cricketing gear in that group.

To understand which SG bat best fits your needs, let’s walk through all the models one by one:

  1. 1. SG Hybrid 20 Series Cricket Bats -

    Newly released in 2021 and not even available in the SG online store yet (at the time of writing this blog), these Hybrid 20 Series bats are very popular in demand because of its limited release. These bats are designed for cricketers adapting to the 20-20 game and cater to their power hitting style. The profile of these bats are similar to those of GM Noir and GM Zelos II Bats (check out our GM Cricket Bat Blog 2021 for info) - meaning they provide an amazing balance and pickup for allround aggressive stroke play with a longer handle and a shorter blade than traditional profile bats. Since they’re very close to the Player Willow bats, these are not equipped with a toe guard as cricketers usually like to apply their own toe guards (you can always request us to apply the toe guard for you). Specifically designed similar to the bats that Rishabh Pant uses, these are available in three different models: LE, Ultimate, and Xtreme. Head to our online store to check out the discounted price on all the bats below and check out our video on these for more details.

  2. a. SG Hybrid 20 LE Cricket Bat 2021

     SG Hybrid 20 LE Cricket Bat

    This bat has the best English Willow in the Hybrid 20 Series, because it’s a highly selective Grade 1 English Willow, comparable to professional Player bats. The most expensive model in the Hybrid 20 Range, the LE (Limited Edition) bats are designed for and by cricket professionals. If you’re looking for a medium-weight bat close to what a cricketer would use in a game and are also looking to up your power hitting game with the newest and latest bat available in the SG brand of bats, then this is the one for you.

  3. b. SG Hybrid 20 Ultimate Cricket Bat 2021

    SG Hybrid 20 Ultimate Cricket Bat

    This bat also has a Grade 1 English Willow but not as premium as the LE bat above. In contrast to the LE bats that we have available, the Ultimate bats are available in the light weight category. If you’re looking for a slightly lighter bat than LE but are still seeking a professional cricket player bat, then this is the one for you.

  4. c. SG Hybrid 20 Xtreme Cricket Bat 2021

    This bat has a Grade 2 English Willow and is the most affordable model available in the Hybrid 20 range. A true definition of a value bat, we highly recommend this bat for the batsmen looking to try out the Hybrid 20 series to experiment with a power hitting style in net practices.

  5. 2. SG Sunny Tonny SR3 Cricket Bat 2021

    SG Sunny Tonny SR3 Cricket Bat

    One of the most popular SG bats in demand that we carry are these SR3 (Suresh Raina) cricket bats. If you are wondering why these SG bats are in high demand, because at the time of writing this blog, they’re not even available on the online SG store and we only have a few in stock right now. Head to our online store to check out the discounted price on this bat and check out our video on it for more details. This bat belongs in the medium weight category, but feels lighter because of its beautiful balance. Made with thick edges and designed for power (check out the ping of this bat in the video link above), this bat is definitely in the more affordable range for a Grade 1 English Willow bat. video on these for more details.

  6. 3. SS Maximus Cricket Bat 2021

    SS Maximus Cricket Bat

    If you have already read our SS cricket bat 2021 blog or happen to own an SS Super Select Bat 2021, then this is SG’s answer: The Triple Crown Original LE. Made with premium, hand selected, professional Grade 1 English Willow (in the manufacturer’s world, these are Grade 1++), these bats are a category higher over all the player bats. Known to be SG’s bat thousand dollar bat and the best they have offered as of yet, we have these bats in our store available to you at a heavy discount. Head to our online store to check out the discounted price on this bat and check out our video on it for more details and to hear the ping (watch the ball fly as soon as it comes in contact with the meat of the bat and check out the very thick edges). We often refer to these kinds of bats as “collector’s items” because of its expensive price and its super limited availability. If you’re the kind of batsmen looking to be set apart from others and really trying to break into the professional space of the game, then this is the bat for you. Once again, as a reference point, this Triple Crown Original LE bat is considered more premium over all the player bats we have available.

  7. That is all for this SG Cricket Bat 2021 blog. In the upcoming blogs, we intend to cover all the SG player bats that we have to offer (Shane Watson, Ishan Kishan, KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant) and they have also been in high demand because customers usually look for the exact same bats that these players use in the games and we have them in store for you.