MRF Chase Master Cricket Bats 2024 | Expert Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 26th Apr 2024

In this video, Amar Shah from CSO unboxes and reviews the latest cricket bats from MRF, “MRF Chase Master Cricket bats 2024.” After much anticipation and meticulous selection, we've finally got our hands on the coveted MRF Chase Master cricket bats. These bats have undergone multiple cycles of rigorous quality checks to ensure that only the finest willows are in our customers' hands. The bats were personally hand-selected by CSO Experts from the MRF’s factory.

Amar takes a deep dive into 10 MRF Chase Masters in this comprehensive review, offering valuable insights into their performance and features.

MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat 2024

Regarded as one of MRF's top offerings, the MRF Chase Master cricket bats boast grade 1+ English willow, delivering exceptional quality and performance comparable to original player cricket bats. Modeled after Virat Kohli's original cricket bat, these bats feature immaculately clean willow with 8-13 straight and equidistant grains, presenting a pristine front face profile. Available in both round and semi-oval handle designs, these bats provide thick blades yet offer an impressively light pickup. With a medium-thick bottom and no toe guard, they provide a balanced feel during play.

Weight and Sweet Spot

MRF Chase Master cricket bats come with a very light pickup. The weight for the MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket Bat 2024 is between 1140g to 1170g. Their well-distributed weight enhances bat speed, while the thick blade and concentrated willow in the middle ensure power throughout the bat. The sweet spot on the MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket Bat for 2024 is in the mid position but this bat has immense power in even the toes and shoulders. The mid-sweet spot enables batters to execute well-timed cut shots and drives with precision, thanks to the even weight distribution.


Amar does the ping test on these bats by bouncing a red cricket ball on them. All of the bats he reviews have amazing ping. The ball effortlessly springs off the bat's surface, a testament to the high-quality willow used in their construction. Even on the bottom of the blade, the ping remains consistently impressive.

Amar reviews 10 MRF Chase Masters in this video. Some of these bats come with a round handle while others with a semi-oval handle. Apart from that, the profiles and quality of these bats are almost identical. They differ slightly in their grain count and weight but that doesn’t affect their performance in any way.

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