Gray Nicolls 2019 Cricket Gear launch

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Gray Nicolls 2019 Cricket Gear launch

Around September every year is one of my favorite times. Its the time of year we start getting our first looks at the new 2019 cricket gear. Deliveries wont start happening yet but brands start to show us what they have planned. We start putting in our orders and deliveries will start coming in December & January. This year has been no different as we just witnessed the Gray Nicolls 2019 Cricket Gear Launch. We had our man Dipesh Patel at the event & he shared some great information with us back here in America.

Its also a good time for us to start showing you what we will be getting in stock & helping the cricket brands gain interest in their new products. At the Gray Nicolls launch we saw some new products and some updated older lines as well. The New product was the Gray Nicolls Shockwave Cricket bat, Gray Nicolls Shockwave Cricket Batting Gloves & Gray Nicolls Shockwave Cricket batting Pads.

As for product upgrades GN had a few of those as well. Noticeable updates were to the GN Supernova which is now the GN Supernova Infrared Cricket Bat, the GN Supernova Infrared Cricket Batting Gloves & the GN Supernova Infrared Cricket Batting pads

Other lines that received updates were the  GN Powerspot, The Gray Nicolls Prestige line, The GN Powerbow which is now the Powerbow6X Cricket line.

The New Gray Nicolls Cricket Range!

Gray Nicolls Shockwave.

Gray Nicolls Shockwave image

Gray Nicolls had this to say about The Shockwave...

Updated GN Ranges for 2019

The GN Powerspot Cricket Bat

GN Powerspot Cricket Bat image

Gray Nicolls had this to say about the new Powerbow lineup...

The GN SuperNova Infrared Cricket Range

GN SuperNova Infrared Cricket Range image

Gray Nicolls had this to say about the Supernova Infrared range...

The GN Powerbow6X Range

Gray Nicolls had this to say about the new Powerbow lineup...

The GN Legend range

This it for our first blog on the new Gray Nicolls 2019 cricket equipment range. We will be posting a lot over the next few weeks about new gear from GM, GN, MRF, Kookaburra, SS, New Balance, B3 & many many more so please come back for more.

We would love to hear from you below in the comments section. Please tell us who you are and where you're from. Also feel free to ask questions & make comments. We'd love to hear what you think of the new gear.

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