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What does Gray Nicolls have in store for us for 2017?

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Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats for 2017

2017 is upon us and it is time to look at the list of cricket bats that Gray Nicolls have to offer. Gray Nicolls is renowned for the superb cricket bats that they produce and their range for 2017 is no different. The 2017 Gray Nicolls bats have a lot of character and a lot of diversity which means that there truly is something for everyone.

Gray Nicolls Kaboom Cricket Bats

These cricket bats are of course the Gray Nicolls which are made with the insight and specifications of Australian power opener David Warner. The highlights of the bat are the edge size and the mid to low swell sweet spot. As a power hitters cricket bat, the Kaboom range offers power in every area of the cricket bat, toe and shoulders included.

Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat

As its name suggests, this cricket bat is truly a Legendary cricket bat. Highlights of this cricket bat is the quality of the willow. This is the best possible willow, test match level professional cricket bat. There is a lot of traditional elements to the bat, like the mid sweet spot. Aesthetically the willow is highlighted as the Gray Nicolls Legend is a cricket bat super star.

Gray Nicolls Pro Performance Cricket Bat

Another cricket bat from Gray Nicolls that is proving to be very popular among international cricketers is the Gray Nicolls Pro Performance cricket bat. The Pro Performance cricket bat is a performance driven cricket bat. Lots of power with generous edges and swell and superbly high quality English Willow. Most recently Karun Nair scored a Test match triple century using a Gray Nicolls Pro Performance Cricket Bat.

Gray Nicolls Super Nova Cricket Bat

Another widely used bat is the Gray Nicolls Super Nova cricket bat. Highlights of this cricket bat include the incredible pick up and balance. The Super Nova has been known to weigh in hand considerably lighter than its actual weight. This is even more impressive when you consider that the Super Nova is a low sweet spot cricket bat. The lower sweet spot of course increases the bat speed and imparts huge power from the high quality English Willow blade.

Gray Nicolls Powerbow Cricket Bat

The Powerbow has for a long while been a staple of the Gray Nicolls cricket bat range. The current crop of Powerbow bats are renowned for their durability from the great Gray Nicolls finish on the bat. There is also a great balance and light weight feel to the powerbow range. It has a mid to low sweet spot with a full face profile.

Gray Nicolls Predator Cricket Bats

Many players look for a mid sweet spot cricket bat. This kind of bat will give players power off the front foot and back foot. Gray Nicolls has this covered too with the Gray Nicolls Predator range of cricket bats, As you go down in the willow grade, with still great high quality English Willow, there are many great options for budget cricket bats in the Predator range.

There are options for customization on Gray Nicolls cricket bats but most of the Gray Nicolls cricket bats come with a semi-oval handle. The semi-oval handle is known to give batsmen superb amount of control over their bats and with great comfort.

In doing our research on the Gray Nicolls website to better try & understand their willow grading system we found it quite confusing. Not quite as easy to understand as the GM bat grading system so im going to try and break it down here for you.

Test Match Level Cricket Bats $358 - $1200 USD

Gray Nicolls Legend

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 5 Limited Edition

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 4 Lite

Test Level Cricket Bats $750 USD

Gray Nicolls SuperNova Limited Edition

League Level Cricket Bats $198 - $438 USD

Gray Nicolls 500

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 5 5 Star

Gray Nicolls SuperNova 5 Star

Gray Nicolls SuperNova 5 Star Extreme

Gray Nicolls SuperNova 500 Lite

Gray Nicolls Select

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 5 4 Star

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 5 Nemesis

First Class Level Cricket Bats $285 - $629 USD

Gray Nicolls Players 

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 5 Players

Gray Nicolls SuperNova Players

Gray Nicolls Prestige

Club Level Cricket Bats $50 - $320

Gray Nicolls SuperNova 4 Star

Gray Nicolls SuperNova Powerblade

Gray Nicolls SuperNova Strike

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 5 400

Gray Nicolls Predator 3 Blast

Gray Nicolls SuperNova Strike Force

Gray Nicolls Powerbow 5 Blaze

Gray Nicolls SuperNova Thunder

I hope this was helpful, this was a list and price guide of all the 2017 bats on offer from Gray Nicolls. Please leave your comments and thoughts below OH & please share with your friends.

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