Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1 Can I get a discount?

    Maybe, jump on LIVE CHAT & lets see what we can do for you.

  • Q.2 What does SH mean?

    It means Short Handle and is the standard bat most adults between the height of 5'7" and 6'2" use.

  • Q.3 Why is it better to buy from local American cricket stores?

    If anything goes wrong with your product bought from England, Australia, Pakistan or india you either have to throw the product away losing all your money or pay up to $100 just to ship it back to the country you bought it from and hope you get a replacement!

  • Q.4 I just got my tracking number, why isnt it working?

    You receive your tracking number and ship notification when we create your shipping label. It will in fact only start working later in the day after Fedex comes by to pick up your package.

  • Q.5 What does "awaiting shipment" mean?

    Awaiting shipment means we are working on your order and getting it ready for shipping.

  • Q.6 What does "awaiting fulfillment" mean?

    Awaiting fulfillment means we either have not started working on your order yet OR we are waiting on something, eg. waiting for you bat to be knocked in OR waiting on something to come back into stock etc.

  • Q.7 Why is my tracking number not working?

    Sometimes we feel like being nice so we upgrade the persons shipment from USPS to Fedex. So before contacting our support ninja's please try the tracking number on and