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GM Cricket Bats

GM (Gunn & Moore) Cricket Bats is one of the most iconic cricket bat brands, known for its quality and craftsmanship. Founded in 1885 by English Test batsman William Gunn and local businessman Thomas James Moore, GM has since become one of the leading cricket bat manufacturers in the world. GM cricket bats are used by some of the best cricketers in the world, including Joe Root, Steve Smith, Ross Taylor, and many others. Each GM bat is carefully crafted using premium quality English Willow, and the brand offers a wide range of bat profiles to suit different playing styles and preferences.

GM 2022 Cricket Bats Lineup vs 2023 Lineup

In 2023, GM has introduced three new cricket bats in their lineup, namely the Kyros, Hypa, and Brava. These new bats have replaced some of the older models from the 2022 lineup, such as the Diamond, Prima, Icon, Chroma, and Sparq. The new bats have been designed with the latest cricketing trends and requirements in mind, featuring innovative technologies and advanced materials to enhance the player's performance. GM's focus on quality and craftsmanship remains consistent, as seen in their previous lineups, and the new bats are sure to provide players with exceptional performance on the field.

However, if users are interested in the 2022 bat lineup, they are still available for purchase at Cricket Store Online. However, if you want the latest 2023 lineup, check our 2023 bats section for GM.

Which International Players Use GM Cricket Bats?

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GM Devon Convoy Players Edition Cricket Bat

The Devon Convoy cricket bat, named after the NZ player, offers a versatile and durable option for inventive stroke play. The medium spine and curved bow style lend power to shots, while the more prominent edges make it long-lasting. It is made from 1st-grade Prime English Willow and features a HEX grip for added comfort.

GM James Vince Players Edition Cricket Bat

The GM James Vince Bat, made with traditional batsmen in mind, offers an excellent pickup feel and weight distribution due to a sharper stoop and smooth tapering. The compact feel and excellent rebound make it perfect for players who prioritize classic shots over heavy-hitting abilities. Made from Prime English Willow and with a Pro-Lite grip, it offers excellent quality for the price.

GM Aiden Markram Players Edition Cricket Bat

GM Aiden Markram Cricket Bat, designed to suit the needs of South African all-rounder Aiden Markram, offers great versatility with its fuller profile and ideally located sweet spot. Boasting a steep spine of 66 mm, this bat is comparatively heavier and made from the finest Willow the world has to offer.

GM Ben Stokes Players Edition Cricket Bat

The GM Ben Stokes Players Edition Cricket Bat is designed to cater to dynamic players who want to deliver great performances. A shorter blade length, larger edges, and a taller spine enable confident stroke play and power-hitting ability. The handle is oval, while the grip style is traditional HEX. The bat is made from prime English Willow graded 1+ and comes with Ben Stokes' signature engraved.

Dan Lawerence Players Edition Cricket Bat

The GM Dan Lawrence Player Edition bat is made from the finest unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow, selected for grain structure and weight. With a swell depth of 66mm and an edge depth of 40mm, it offers a powerful hitting zone while retaining excellent control. The bat has a Pro Lite Grip and is individually tested to ensure 5-star performance. The blade length is 540mm, and the handle is short. The bat is supplied with a protective bat case.

GM Ross Taylor Players Edition Cricket Bat

GM Ross Taylor Cricket Bat is a high-end bat that offers controlled stroke play and heavy-hitting ability. Made from Grade 1+ English Willow, it has a full profile, minimal concaving, higher spine, and Pro-Lite grip, resulting in an unbelievably light pickup feel.


Technologies: GM TOETEK, GM Now! and GM DriGuard

GM DriGuard

DriGuard is a treatment applied to the toe of GM cricket bats to reduce water absorption and prevent toe swelling, making the toe less susceptible to moisture-induced damage. It helps repel oil and moisture; any oil applied to this area should be wiped off.


GM Now! is a product from GM that serves as an anti-scuff cover for GM English Willow Cricket Bats. The cover creates a barrier against moisture and helps to hold the bat's blade together in case of any minor cracks that may appear due to use. The cover should not be removed until it shows significant wear and can only be removed by a bat specialist.


TOETEK™ is a specially shaped resilient shield fitted to the toe of the GM English Willow Cricket Bat, which reduces toe damage and feathering that often results from tapping at the crease. It also acts as an additional barrier to dampness.

What is GM DXM Technology?

GM DXM technology is a holistic approach to cricket bat manufacturing that ensures high-quality and consistent performance. The technology is based on five years of research involving computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to produce perfect prototypes and blades. Before selecting the cleft for a bat, technological input is used to ensure that the cleft is suitable for the intended bat.

The process also includes highly impressive wood conditioning and quantum improvements in the pressing process. All these measures ensure that the finished GM cricket bats are of the highest quality, with excellent consistency, stability, weight, and finishing, making them highly prized by cricketers worldwide.

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