GM Cricket Bats

GM Cricket Bats

A little about GM Bats

Recognised as one of the world’s leading cricket brands, Gunn and Moore cricket bats 2021 or GM as it is popularly known was established back in 1885 by an English test batsman William Gunn and local businessman Thomas James Moore. Since then, several notable cricketers have endorsed GM, most notably featured by Ben Stokes in the World Cup 2019 Final, Quinton De Kock, Ross Taylor, and even former legendary cricketers such as Steve Waugh and Anil Kumble. Known specifically for their cricket bats, GM has the most technologically advanced factory in the world and takes pride in continuous innovation and research with their cricket bats. GM make more bats in England than all other bat brands put together

Mostly all GM Bats come with GM NOW! & Toe Tek TM finish (The 303 range only has Toe TekTM). GM NOW! means every GM Bat will be “knocked in” by the in house bat maker, have raw linseed oil protection to reduce cracking and splitting by maintaining the blade’s moisture level, and will have clear anti-scuff cover on the blade and edges to increase blade durability. Toe Tek TM toe guard is applied on every GM bat to reduce toe damage and feathering that is often caused by tapping at the crease.


GM Bats come in Different Qualities

There are nine different qualities of GM Bats

The Original L.E., Original, Signature L.E. and 909 are made with seasoned Grade 1 English willow. They are GM’s best bats with great grain quality and ideal weight.

The 808 and 707/ Signature are made with seasoned Grade 2 English Willow. They are in the mid tier where grain quality is concerned.

The 606 and 404 are made with seasoned Grade 3 English Willow and are in the low end tier of GM offerings and among the more economical range of GM bats.

(All the above qualities come with Toe Tek TM finish and GM NOW! protection).

The 303 are made with seasoned Grade 4 English Willow. This is GM’s bottom tier offering and only comes with Toe Tek TM finish.


A GM bat is made light enough for an average cricketer to play and perform proper cricket shots with it. GM bats are designed so that there is plenty of wood in the hitting area to give resilience to the stroke and strong enough to withstand the shock created by the impact of the ball.

Now that you have a very basic understanding of GM bat qualities, let us check the different GM models that are available along with their specifications.

To make your choice easy, we have compiled all the information for the different available models and their specifications in a simple tabular format as below.

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GM Bats – Range and Profile

GM Cricket Bats 2021Key FeatureBlade ProfileSwell PositionHandle LengthWeight Category
GM Diamond Flowing Contoured Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid Swell 310mm Medium
GM Siren Pronounced Striking Spine Concave Back Low Swell 310mm Medium
GM Icon Lightweight Design Concave Back Mid to High Swell 295mm Medium and Light weight options
GM Eclipse Sweeping Spine Traditional Full Blade High Swell 310mm Medium and Lightweight options
GM Noir Pronounced Edges and designed with Power in mind Partially Concave Back Low to Mid Swell 295mm Medium
GM Zelos II Contoured Spine Partially Concave Back Low to Mid Swell 295mm Lightweight
GM Chroma Sweeping Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm Lightweight

For more details specifications on the full range visit our blog

GM cricket bats are recognised by professional players and rival brands as the best cricket bats in the World.

Pick up a GM Cricket Bat, play with a GM Cricket Bat and see and feel the difference!