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Gray Nicolls Cricket bats

We all know the feeling when a batsman walks to the crease with a Gray Nicolls cricket bat and all you want to do is have a hit with his bat. Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats have been the best for a long time thanks to the expert craftsmanship that goes into making their bats.


Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats Australia

Gray Nicolls cricket bats are unique in that they have ranges of cricket bats that are made specifically in Australia and Gray Nicolls cricket bats that are made in England. The quality of the bats is the same but the specifications differ slightly. For example the range of cricket bats made to the specifications of Dave Warner known as the Gray Nicolls Kaboom cricket bats are Australian made.

Iconic Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

Gray Nicolls cricket bats have been used by many of the game’s greatest players. Viv Richard, Brian Lara and current English captain Alistair Cook use Gray Nicolls. Perhaps the most iconic Gray Nicolls cricket bat was the Gray Nicolls Scoop cricket bat. It was a master piece within the cricketing world and an original Gray Nicolls Scoop cricket bat is surely an incredible collector’s item today.

The Current Range of Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

Gray Nicolls cricket bats are like the best players in the world, they are always in form and always very classy. Gray Nicolls have been going through a cricket bat making purple patch for over a century. The current range of cricket bats is possibly the best cricket bat team yet produced by the master cricket bat makers at Gray Nicolls.

Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats 2019

  • GN Legend Cricket Bat
  • GN Supernova Cricket Bat
  • GN Shockwave Cricket Bat
  • GN Powerbow 6X Cricket Bat
  • GN Pro Performance Cricket Bat
  • GN Players Cricket Bat
  • GN prestige Cricket Bat
  • GN Powerspot Cricket Bat
  • GN Select Cricket Bat
  • GN Ultimate Cricket Bat
  • GN Stoolball Bat
  • GN Cloud Catcher

The Gray Nicolls Legend cricket bat is one of the most exciting cricket bats currently in the market. The bat is made with absolute cricket bat luxury and cricket bat royalty. It is needless to say that these Gray Nicolls cricket bats are limited in number because the raw materials that are used to produce these Gray Nicolls Legend cricket bat are the best of the very best.

History of Gray Nicolls

Gray Nicolls is a fusion of the two founders of the Gray Nicolls cricket equipment company, that would be HJ Gray and LJ Nicolls. The company was founded in 1855 and gained a lot of acclaim when WG Grace passed 100 runs using a Gray Nicolls cricket bat in 1889.

Believe it or not, Gray Nicolls cricket bats have been used by royalty as in 1909 it was reported that Prince Albert was a customer of Gray Nicolls.

The company as it is known today was only formed in 1930 and was a juggernaut at the time with the top players in the world using the bats. This was thanks to incredible innovation like the steel spring.  More recently a Gray Nicolls cricket bat was used by Brian Lara as he hit 501 runs, the most ever runs by an individual batsman in a First Class game.

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