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SG Cricket Shoes

SG Cricket Shoes

SG is a well reputed cricket gear and equipment manufacturing company located in India. SG also produce a fantastic line of cricket shoes. SG have their finger on the pulse of what it takes to make great cricket gear. They are situated in the heart of the cricketing world, India, and produce cricket shoes of the highest quality.

Does SG make rubber sole and spiked cricket shoes?

Yes. SG makes high quality rubber sole and spiked cricket shoes. SG caters to a wide spectrum of cricketers. This also means that they design cricket shoes to cater to the wide variety of surfaces that cricketers play on.

Indoor cricketers will need rubbers soles on their shoes for grip and balance without damaging the indoor surface.

Cricketers playing on traditional turf pitches will need spiked cricket shoes and SG have designed a great range for that too.

What are the staples in the SG range of Cricket Shoes?

For rubber sole cricket shoes, the SG Steadler 4 is a great cricket shoes. This cricket shoe offers a huge amount of comfort without compromising an iota on balance. The player can feel perfectly well balanced when doing any three of crickets codes, batting, bowling or fielding.

SG cricket shoes are aesthetically very classic as well as trendy in looks. They come in an array of trim colors without overstepping the traditional white. Many leagues around the world still require that players should have a predominantly white cricket shoe and SG have done extremely well to cater to that. Two of the more popular trim colors on SG cricket shoes is the India cricket team Blue color and the neon/lime color.

For spiked cricket shoes, the SG Xtreme II cricket shoes are a wonderful option. These cricket shoes have spikes that can be taken off and put back in. The main purpose of this would be to change the spikes for longer or shorter spikes as conditions will dictate.

What are some of the outstanding features on SG cricket shoes?


A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that these cricket shoes are as comfortable as can be. The breathable mesh side paneling ensures great ventilation and the comfort sole offers great comfort without compromising on support for the cricketers feet.


The spike placement on SG cricket shoes is designed with cricket in mind and particular attention to bowling. This means that SG cricket shoes offer cricketers great balance even on surfaces that will be slightly tougher to negotiate with just regular athletic sneakers.


SG cricket shoes are particularly durable. Extra protection has been stitched into the front of the SG cricket shoes. This is an area of the cricket shoes that usually gets dragged by the bowler on his follow through and can easily fray and tear the shoe. The additional padding ensures the durability of the shoes.

SG cricket shoes are available at great prices from Cricket Store Online with great advice about the entire SG cricket range.

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