Batting Pads

Batting Pads

Cricket Batting Pads

On the front lines of cricket batting protection is of course the cricket batting pads. Aside from protecting your legs, cricket pads need to be comfortable to bat in and of course to run between the wickets in. Cricket Store Online has a huge selection of the world’s best cricket batting pads. Here are a bunch of reasons why you should consider buying cricket batting pads online with us.

Cricket Batting Pads Size Guide

It is very important to get the size of your cricket batting pads right. Pads that are too big will be impossible to run between the wickets in and pads that are too small will not offer adequate protection. By speaking to a Cricket Store Online expert you can ensure that you are fitted with the right cricket batting pads.

A well fitted cricket batting pad has the knee bolster snugly fitted around the knee. This means that the top of the batting pad reaches about halfway up the upper leg. This leaves the right amount of room to place the thigh guard and inner thigh guard.

Types of bating pads


We stock the latest cricket bating pads from cheap cricket batting pads to the Test match level professional cricket batting pads.

Here are some of the cricket batting pads that we stock.

GM Cricket Batting Pads

Kookaburra Cricket Batting Pads

Hammer Cricket Batting Pads

Gray Nicolls Cricket Batting Pads

SS Cricket Batting Pads

In order for us to ensure that our line-up of cricket batting pads are always the freshest and latest that all the best cricket pad manufacturers have to offer, you can rest assured that you are always bound to find a great deal on cricket batting pads.

The technological advances that have gone into cricket pads has been immense. From the protective factor to the durability and extreme light weight of the pads, it makes it well worthwhile looking at purchasing a new pair of cricket batting pads.

White Cricket Batting Pads

The majority of cricket leagues around the world mandate that players should wear white cricket batting pads. There are also options for T20 cricket batting pads that can be customized with the color to match the team that you play for. The newer cricket batting pads also have highly comfortable padded Velcro straps that make it very comfortable for the batsman.

Some of the latest cricket batting pads like Aero Batting Pads or Morrant Batting Pads are supremely lightweight and have great aerodynamic quality.

Junior Cricket Batting Pads

Cricket Store Online also stock a full range of cricket batting pads. These batting pads have the same protective and comfort qualities but of course come in sizes that are good for junior cricketers. It is important for even junior cricketers to have the highest possible leg protection.