Cricket Clothing
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Cricket Clothing

This is the definitive guide to cricket clothing and more specifically USA cricket clothing. As you would know there is Test match cricket and limited overs cricket. The cricket clothing differs between limited overs cricket and Test match or longer version cricket.

Cricket Trousers or Cricket Pants

Unlike many other sports, cricket is played wearing long trousers or long pants. This is because fielders slide around in the field which would cause grass burn if they were not wearing long cricket trousers. This is also for batsman who wear cricket batting pads. It is more comfortable for the batsman to have the straps of the cricket pads around a longer pair of cricket pants than on the back of his bare legs. For Test matches these trousers are white, some teams have a variation of off white or cream cricket trousers.

Many cricket leagues around the world, including cricket leagues in the USA will mandate that players conform to the cricket uniform and cricket clothing requirements of wearing white cricket trousers and a white cricket shirt.

For cricket training, players do train wearing short cricket pants. Click here for more.

Custom Cricket Clothing

There is a lot more creative license when it comes to limited overs cricket clothing. Teams and players have the ability to choose cricket clothing in the color that matches their cricket team. When it comes to T20 cricket clothing there are a multitude of options. One of the most popular brands of T20 cricket clothing to customize is TYKA cricket clothing. This is available with all the option in the USA for T20 and all other cricket teams.

Teams can customize every element of their cricket uniforms. This means that they can put names and numbers on the backs of the shirts and put their sponsors logos on the front. The Tyka custom cricket clothing interface gives teams many colors to choose from to ensure a perfect match to the club’s colors.

Cricket Socks

Another important element of cricket clothing that is sometimes overlooked is cricket socks. This is especially for fast bowlers who place a lot of pressure on the foot that lands at the crease. A good pair of cricket socks can ensure a more comfortable experience for fast bowlers.

Cricket Shoes and Cricket Footwear

Of course cricket shoes are an important piece of cricket clothing for cricketers. It is important for cricketers to choose the right type of cricket footwear. Many players in the USA play on harder or non-turf cricket pitches. This is also true for East Coast cricketers who will play a lot of indoor cricket during the American winter, for them it is important to choose the right rubber soled cricket shoes. There is also a wide variety of spiked cricket shoes, some of these are full spiked cricket shoes and others are smaller half-spiked cricket shoes.

There are many fantastic brands that produce both rubber soled and spiked cricket shoes. Cricket Store Online is proud to stock many of these brands. These are brands like Nike cricket shoes, Adidas cricket shoes, New Balance cricket shoes, Gray Nicolls cricket shoes and GM cricket shoes.

When it comes to cricket clothing and cricket uniform standards, there are still many leagues that mandate that players should wear mainly white cricket shoes, that is why the majority of cricket shoes are mainly white.

Cable Knit Cricket Vests and Sweaters

Cricket fans are well accustomed to one of the most identifiable pieces of cricket clothing and that is the cable knit vest or the less recognizable long sleeve cable knit sweater. These cable knit sweaters are available in their traditional white or cream colors with many different colored trims. Once again for limited over cricket there are customizable and color options for cricket vests. These colored cricket vests are not of the cable knit ilk but usually of a warm high quality slimline and athletic type.

Cricket Hats

There are so many cricket images that come to mind when you think of cricket hats, more specifically the wide brimmed cricket floppy hat. Images of Shane Warne standing at slip with his well worn floppy hat, or Richie Richardson coming out to bat with his classic West Indian maroon cricket floppy hat. Wide brimmed cricket hats as much as they are an iconic piece of cricket clothing, they also serve great purpose. There is no better way to get 360 degree face and neck protection than wearing a wide brimmed cricket hat. These cricket floppy hats are available in a wide variety of colors to match your team.

Besides for wide brimmed cricket hats, there are also of course more traditional baseball styled cricket hats. Once again using the TYKA custom cricket clothing interface, teams can fully customize their cricket team hats.

Cricket Umpire Clothing

There are not many umpires these days that still wear the traditional cricket umpiring garb of a doctor like white coat. It is however important for umpires to invest in a floppy styled wide brimmed cricket hat as umpires spend the most amount of time on the field.

Cricket Skins

One of the newer and highly useful pieces of cricket clothing is cricket skins. Cricket Skins are aerodynamic tight fitted “skins” for cricketers arms. This means that there would be little to no chance of cricketers tearing up their arms when they field. Some cricketers like wearing full body cricket skins, the great thing about cricket skins is that with modern athletic and sporting technology they have great temperature control qualities. They can keep players warmer in cooler cricket playing conditions and they can keep a player cool in hotter cricket conditions.

Cricket Underwear

Taboo as it may be to discuss it, cricket batsman need to wear a pair of cricket underwear that leaves sufficient room for the cricket abdo guard or the ball box as it is more commonly known. Many cricketers no that uneasy feeling of arriving to the ground wearing under garments that will not be adequate for the cup. To this end, GM makes specific cricket underwear that is best for wearing protective gear.

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