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Adidas Cricket Shoes

There is no Yeezy or Ultra Boost or NMD cricket shoes but Adidas is a manufacturer of some of the best cricket shoes on the market. These cricket shoes are loved by batsmen, bowlers and fielders for the great comfort, balance and durability that they provide.

Where can I get Adidas cricket shoes in the USA?

The best place to get Adidas cricket shoes in the USA is Cricket Store Online. This is because we stock a wide variety of Adidas cricket shoes and we are constantly updating our stock to ensure that our customers have access to the latest Adidas cricket shoes out there.

Are there different types of Adidas cricket shoes?

There are different types of Adidas cricket shoes. The most obvious difference in Adidas cricket shoes would obviously be whether the cricket shoes have a rubber soled bottom or if they would be a spiked bottom.

The surface that you play on will determine whether you go for a rubber soled cricket shoe or you go for full spikes. If you play on a regular field with a turf pitch then spikes would be in order, if you are playing indoors or on a carpeted or concrete pitch then rubber soled cricket shoes would be the best option for you.

Adidas offers a comprehensive range of both rubber soled cricket shoes and fully spiked cricket shoes. It goes without saying that as a proud elite stocker of Adidas cricket shoes, Cricket Store Online carries lines of both.

What are some features that make Adidas cricket shoes so good?

My personal favorite part of the Adidas cricket shoes is the neoprene cushioned insole. This is fantastic cushioning and huge amounts of comfort. The cushioning is most necessary and most appreciated by fast bowlers that land on their feet with a considerable amount of force.

The raw materials that are used in the production of Adidas cricket shoes must meet the high standards of Adidas. This means that you can rest assured that the leathers, rubber, synthetic materials and everything else that goes into making these cricket shoes is of the highest quality.

What are the different types of Adidas cricket shoes?

Adidas Howzat AR Cricket Shoe Rubber Soled

Adidas SL22 FS II Fully Spiked Cricket Shoe

There are many other Adidas cricket shoes in the ranges but in terms of the most popular, the SL22 and Howzat AR are definitely the most sought after.

Bowlers like James Anderson and Stuart Broad are just two of many cricketers that wear Adidas cricket footwear.

Are the spikes on Adidas cricket shoes changeable?

Yes, definitely. In fact, many players will have in their cricket kit bags, spikes of varying lengths. If the player feels that the playing surface is more slippery they may opt for a longer spike. If the playing surface is dry, they may opt for a shorter spike. Many professional cricketers will even use varying lengths of spikes on the same pair of Adidas cricket shoes, depending on whether they are bowling or batting.

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