Best Cricket Guards

Besides for batting pads and batting gloves, there is a lot of other protective equipment for cricket. All of these pieces of equipment are essential to ensuring that the batsman is absolutely safe when he faces up to the bowler.

The Chest Guard

The Chest Guard is a piece of equipment that goes along the rib cage of the batsman and chest area that would be facing the bowler. While facing very fast bowling on a bouncy pitch, the cricket chest guard would be a very useful piece of equipment to protect the vital organs that lay beneath the rib cage.

The Cricket Arm Guard

The batting gloves protect the fingers and hands but this leaves the arm exposed. The arm guard like the chest guard is worn on the arm that is facing the bowler and ensures that the arm is protected. While some professional cricketers choose to bat without an arm guard, it is highly recommended that amateur or even semi-professional cricketers do wear an arm guard. The maximum amount of protection ensures the least amount of injury.

The Thigh Guard and Inner Thigh Guard

The batting thigh guard is an essential piece of protective cricket batting equipment. The thigh area is left vulnerable and the fleshy area of the thigh is quite substantial and usually in the line of fire. A cricketer therefore wears a cricket thigh guard beneath his playing pants. This piece of cricket protective equipment is usually ultra-lightweight and usually molds to the shape of the batsman’s thigh after a few uses. The thigh guard goes along with the inner thigh guard and can sometimes be bought as a combination.

The inner thigh guard protects the inside of the back leg when the batsman is facing the bowler. This part of the leg can be left vulnerable when the batsman plays a horizontal bat shot or when a ball moves into the batsman. It is an important piece of equipment as a blow to the inner thigh can be very painful. Inner thigh guard are usually much smaller than thigh guards and are very light weight. This ensures that the batsman is still nimble when running between the wickets.

The Abdo Guard or Ball Box

Yes every cricketer needs this pair of cricket protective equipment as a priority on his cricket equipment list. It is the cricket batting abdo guard or ball box. These are also very useful for fielders that field in very close positions and for wicketkeepers that are standing up to the stumps.

This is the equivalent of what is known as a cup in baseball. The purpose of this piece of equipment is to protect the male organs of the batsman.

There is a jock strap type of cricket abdo guard that comes with the thigh pad and inner thigh pad as standard. This is found to be more comfortable for some cricketers while others still prefer to have the stand alone cricket abdo guard. Abdo guard is short for abdomen guard.

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