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TYKA - $45 Club-quality uniform sets and $55 IPL uniform sets.*

Hammer - Premium set - $35

Shrey Match set is $45 and Shrey Premium set $55


Our collection of custom Tyka cricket uniforms are built with rugged cricket players in mind, designed to withstand the wear and tear of rough gameplay for years to come. We offer a variety of uniform styles, including traditional cricket shirts and pants, plus uniforms for football, basketball, rugby, and hockey. Choose from pro quality, elite, and club quality options in a variety of designs, each customizable to your team’s needs. You can even find casual cricket sportswear and clothing designed specifically for training. Whether you are a captain buying for your team’s weekend games or are an enthusiast who never misses a chance to bend your back, you can design cricket uniforms at Cricket Store Online with only a 20-piece minimum order.

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* Minimum purchase of 20 sets required to receive promotional price. Offer cannot be combined. Subject to change. All prices are in USD. 

Please note: orders ship directly from Tyka in India. Please allow four weeks production time, plus one to two weeks for shipping to the USA. All customs fees and duties are the responsibility of the customer and are due upon import delivery; these fees vary depending on your location and order size.


 “I am so happy with the quality of these Tyka uniforms. My entire team loves how durable they are. We had a game in the rain the other day and walked away covered in mud that was easily cleaned, leaving them looking brand new again.”

– Ananta, 10/02/2022

 “Well made cricket shirts. Love the customization options so we could make our team stand out and promote our sponsors. Will buy again.

– Brahma, 07/16/2022

 “Bought cheaper uniforms elsewhere and they were shredded after one season. Invested a bit more for professional quality cricket uniforms this time and am so happy I did. Just finished our first season playing in them and they are holding up great!”

– Eric, 07/16/2022