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SG Cricket Bats

SG cricket bat have long been the envy of many cricketers. With titans of the game like Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar plying their trade with SG cricket bat. It is no wonder that India’s favorite cricket bat both locally and for export is SG cricket bats.

The History of SG Cricket Bats

The name SG is actually an acronym for Sansperils Greenland. The Anand brothers established a sporting goods company in Sialkot in 1930 and called in Sansperils Co. Thanks to the success of the cricket bats that they were manufacturing they decided to establish an export wing for their sporting equipment and mainly their cricket bats. This wing was called Greenlands and was established in 1940 and so was born the famous SG brand.

Among other things, in 1991, SG cricket balls were approved as the standard bar for cricket balls in Indian cricket. They have henceforth been used for all professional cricket in India including Test matches, this speaks volumes for the quality of SG cricket products.

With demand for SG cricket bats skyrocketing, with ambassador players like Rahul Dravid and Suresh Raina, SG bought a state-of-the-art factory in 2007 to keep up with the demands of manufacturing high quality cricket bats.

Most recently in 2015, SG has also set up a cricket infrastructure facility to develop this growing element of the cricket market.

Current crop of SG cricket Bats

  • The SG Sunny Legend Cricket Bat- This bat is obviously named for the great Sunil Gavaskar.
  • The SG Players Edition Cricket Bat
  • The SG King Cobra Cricket Bat
  • The SG Sunny Gold Cricket Bat
  • The SG Sunny Tonny Cricket Bat
  • The SG T-45 Limited Edition Cricket Bat- This is perhaps one of the best cricket bats available from SG and has been used by international power hitters like Andre Russel.
  • The SG Sierra 350 Cricket Bat
  • The SG Sierra 250 cricket bat

This is the current range of English Willow cricket bats that are available from SG. These bats are available in a wide variety of weight ranges and other specification to suit the style of play for the individual player.


SG Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

SG also have a very popular range of Kashmir Willow cricket bats. These bats are great for softer ball cricket or tape ball cricket and come with the same SG stamp of quality and high performance. This range includes:

  • The SG Cobra Gold Cricket Bat
  • The SG Strokewell XTREME Cricket Bat
  • The SG Boundary XTREME cricket bat
  • The SG VS 319 Cricket Bat
  • The SG RSD PLUS Cricket Bat
  • The SG Nexus Plus Cricket Bat
  • The SG VS 319 Spark cricket bat
  • The SG Phoenix Xtreme Cricket Bat

There is scantly a cricket bat manufacturer out there that is producing such high quality cricket bats with options for great English Willow cricket bats as well as great Kashmir Willow cricket bats.

It is no wonder that SG cricket bats have become the staple cricket bat brand that they are, thanks to their high quality materials and high performance cricket bats that are being produced.

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