MRF Genius King Cricket Bat 2024 | Complete Summary Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 26th Apr 2024

In this video, Amar Shah presents an expert analysis of the MRF King Cricket Bat 2024, the latest addition to MRF's esteemed lineup. Crafted with precision and finesse, this bat promises to elevate your game to new heights. Named in homage to the undisputed monarch of modern cricket, Virat Kohli, the MRF King Cricket Bat 2024 embodies excellence and performance.

MRF Genius King Batting Gloves: A Royal Companion

The MRF King Cricket Bat 2024 arrives in a luxurious padded cover, adorned with the iconic King branding in striking red and black. This premium packaging ensures that your bat is protected with the same care and attention to detail as its craftsmanship. Alongside the bat, MRF presents a pair of MRF Genius Batting Gloves, crafted from premium sheep leather. It's worth noting that while the gloves provided are for right-handed batsmen, left-handed players receive customized gloves for inclusivity. These gloves are designed to complement the bat's profile, ensuring a seamless synergy between equipment and performance.

MRF Genius King Cricket Bat 2024

In this section, we'll explore the exceptional features of the MRF Genius King Cricket Bat 2024, a testament to MRF's dedication to crafting top-quality cricket equipment.

Profile and Grain Count

The MRF King Cricket Bat 2024 boasts eye-catching red and black branding with a golden crown emblem, signaling its regal presence on the pitch. Its full-profile design offers ample playing area, instilling confidence in batsmen.

Upon inspection, Amar observed 13 straight and dark grains on the bat's surface, indicating exceptional craftsmanship and quality. In cricket bat terms, more straight grains imply superior performance, making the MRF King Cricket Bat 2024 a top-notch choice for players seeking excellence.

Weight and Handle

Despite its robust build, the MRF King Cricket Bat 2024 surprises with its light pickup and impeccable balance. With a weight of around 1140g, Amar finds the bat remarkably maneuverable, feeling closer to 1125g during play. The semi-oval handle adds to the bat's comfort and control, allowing for effortless strokes and precise shots.


In the realm of cricket bats, the ping is a true measure of performance. The MRF King Cricket Bat 2024 delivers a resounding ping, indicative of its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Amar's ping test with a red cricket ball confirms the bat's impressive performance, making it a formidable weapon in any batsman's arsenal.

In this video, Amar examined two variants of the MRF King Cricket Bat 2024. While they differ slightly in weight and grain count, both bats share similar profiles and exceptional performance attributes. Whether you opt for the slightly heavier or lighter version, you can trust in the MRF King's consistent quality and performance on the cricket field.

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