DSC Usman Khawaja and David Warner Original Player Cricket Bats 2024 | Profile Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 2nd May 2024

DSC's Player Edition Cricket Bats 2024

In this video, Dipesh, our expert from Cricket Store Online, brings you an exclusive unboxing and thorough examination of the latest player edition cricket bats from DSC. These bats arrive in sturdy cases, ensuring optimal protection even under harsh conditions. Here are some highlights of Dipesh’s review!

DSC Usman Khawaja Original Player Bat 2024

DSC Usman Khawaja Original Player Bat boasts a traditional profile, encased in a sleek black DSC original player bat case. Crafted from the highest quality premium grade 1+ English willow, each bat undergoes careful selection to ensure top-notch performance. With a 40mm edge thickness, 64-65mm spine height, and wide toe, this bat promises exceptional power and precision on the field.

Grain Structure

A hallmark of premium willow, the bat features straight and dark grains that span from the front face to the back, indicating superior quality and performance. With 13 grains, this bat exemplifies excellence in craftsmanship.

Handle and Weight

Equipped with a semi-oval handle, the bat offers remarkable balance, feeling like a 2lb 9oz during play. Despite its lightweight feel, the bat's dead weight measures 2lb 10oz, showcasing its premium construction and optimal bat structure.


Dipesh demonstrates the bat's impressive ping by bouncing a white cricket ball across its surface, revealing a consistent and powerful response. Whether hitting the sweet spot or beyond, this bat delivers unparalleled performance, making it an ideal choice for players at all levels.

DSC David Warner's Original Player Bat 2024

Arriving in a pristine white DSC original player bat case, the DSC David Warner's Original Player Bat exudes sophistication. With a traditional Indian bow and a spine height of 63-64mm, this bat combines classic design with modern performance. The edge thickness of 39-40mm ensures a formidable presence on the pitch.Crafted from grade 1+ English willow, this bat features 11 straight and dark grains, guaranteeing consistency and reliability in every stroke.

Handle and Weight

Featuring a semi-oval handle, the bat feels like a lightweight 2lb 9oz in the hands, offering players excellent maneuverability and control.


Dipesh tests the bat's ping, revealing a soft yet powerful response as expected of an original player bat. With consistent performance across the blade, this bat enables players to dominate the game with ease.

Dipesh thoroughly reviews two DSC David Warner Original Bats in this video, showcasing their nearly identical profiles, grain structures, and weights. While minor differences in size may exist, both bats deliver exceptional ping and performance, making them coveted choices for professional and amateur cricketers alike.

DSC's latest player edition cricket bats, including the Usman Khwaja Original Player Bat and David Warner's Original Player Bat, represent quality and performance. With meticulous craftsmanship, these bats boast superior grain structure, balanced weight distribution, and consistent ping, ensuring optimal power and precision on the field. Whether you're a professional cricketer or an amateur player, these bats offer unparalleled performance and are available at Cricket Store Online.

For a complete expert review, watch the video below!