Cricket Helmets

Cricket Helmets

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Cricket helmets first appeared in the 1930s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that they were considered critical for protecting players. Today, it is unimaginable to play cricket without a helmet. For junior players, not wearing helmets is simply not an option.

Players wear cricket helmets when standing as a wicketkeeper, batting and standing near the batsman. With cricket bats traveling at high speeds, they can easily cause fatal head injuries. Consequently, you don’t need any helmet… you need the right helmet.

Helmet Brands Available at Cricketstoreonline

There are two highly reputable brands that specialize in pretty much only cricket helmets, they are:

1: Shrey Cricket Helmets

2: Masuri Cricket Helmets

There are other big brand cricket equipment manufacturers that make high-quality cricket helmets, among them, there are:

3: GM Cricket Helmets

4: Gray Nicolls Cricket Helmets

5: Slazenger Cricket Helmets

6:Adidas Cricket Helmets

7:Ayrtek Cricket Helmets

8:Albion Cricket Helmets

Parts of a Cricket Helmet

Even though cricket helmets are of different shapes and sizes, they all have the same basic parts. Some helmet features may differ based on the protection level, comfort, and durability. At Cricketstoreonline, we stock cricket helmets that will protect your head, without hindering you from playing.

Part 1: The Shell

The shell is what protects your head from injury by absorbing shocks from any hits. The outer shell spreads the force of impact over a large surface area eliminating the chances of injury. The inner shell acts as a shock absorber for the force encountered by the outer shell.

Part 2: The Grill

The grill protects the player’s face from impact. It is designed in such a way that it does not affect visibility. With a full face cricket helmet, you should expect reduced visibility, lower ventilation and more weight.

You can buy both helmets with grills and helmets without grills at Cricketstoreonline. If you are looking for increased visibility, then helmets with no grills are for you, even though they reduce your protection. Helmets with grills offer more protection but have reduced visibility, ventilation and more weight.

Modern helmets are made from composites such as transparent polycarbonates and titanium.

Part 3: Padding

Padding reduces the force of impact by acting as a buffer for shock absorption. Also, the foam that makes the padding is designed to ensure the wearer’s comfort and that the helmet holds the head better, and keeping it from moving around. The padding can be adjusted to fit the player’s head.

Part 4: Chin Strap

The chin strap ensures that the helmet stays in one place, guaranteeing that even on impact, the grill does not cave into the face. The chin strap also protects the chin by acting as a shock absorber.

Part 5: The Neck Guard

The neck guard protects the neck from impact. You can buy the neck guard separate from the helmet.

How to Choose the Right Helmet Size

You should buy a cricket helmet that fits you well. This is where many people make a mistake. What’s more, a helmet can be adjusted to fit your head. The following are the standard helmet sizes for different classes of cricket players.

Small boys: 51 – 53 centimeters

Boys: 53 – 54 centimeters

Youths: 54 – 56 centimeters

Young men: 56 – 58 centimeters

Men: 58 – 60 centimeters

Large men: 60 – 62 centimeters

Materials Used in Making Helmets

ABS Plastic

It is easy to shape ABS plastic into different forms. It is also great a shock absorber. ABS plastic helmets are light, but not as hard as fiberglass or carbon fiber.


Because fiberglass is stronger than ABS plastic, most cricket helmets are made from it. With a fiberglass helmet, you get reduced comfort but more strength.

Carbon Fiber

When carbon fiber is combined with Kevlar, the result is a stronger helmet. Carbon fiber helmets have the benefit of being both light and strong. However, carbon fiber helmets are more expensive than other materials. 

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is strong and cheap and is suitable for manufacturing helmet grills.


Titanium has the highest tensile strength to weight ratio of any metal. It is very light but has the strength of steel. As such, it is better than steel in making helmet grills. With the lower weight resulting from the use of titanium, the helmet is more comfortable and applies less pressure on the player’s neck especially when worn for a long time.

High-Density Foam

High-density foam is made from polyethylene, which enhances the wearer’s comfort.

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We are aware that when you think about return policies, paranoia sets in. With us, though, things couldn’t be simpler. Our aim is to make everything as seamless and effortless as a perfect cover-drive would look.

If you are looking for a cricket helmet, we have it ready for you. We guarantee that you are going to get the supreme quality bats and cricket accessories at competitive prices that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Shop today and take your game to another level.