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  • review-star

    - G. Pore

    Extremely professional and friendly service from Amar at Cricket Store Online. He helped us understand how to choose the willow, the weight and the balance of the bat. He was always available to answer all our queries. He helped us with the online order placement. The delivery was quick and very reasonably priced. The packaging was very good.
    We have purchased cricket equipment from Cricket Store Online in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I will highly recommend This store for all cricket equipment purchases.


    - M. Bruno

    Amar and Dipesh bhai are well knowledgeable and are expertise in picking the right bat according to customer request. I am impressed by their custom hand picking the bats. I bought recently an SS limited edition LB cricket bat at an affordable price with a players grade willow. What they share on what's app or social media is what you get. They are genuine in their quality. For those who are looking for any cricketing needs I highly recommend Cricket store online.

  • review-star

    - R. Dipta

    Great communication and quick service. Most importantly they have great quality gear. Well Done CSO


    - S. vedak

    This store they knows what they are selling Owsem bats I got 2 bats from them they are so good and and there communication is so good .. I repaired more than 3 bats here they are so professional with there work.. thanks again u guys doing great job.

  • review-star

    - S. Alam

    Excellent buying experience. Great quality bats, very responsive to questions . Highly recommend


    - Ashish Satyabhashak

    I had good experience at CSO. They have good variety of cricket gear with decent price. Quality customer service provided by staff.

  • review-star

    - Daps Patel

    It has good pitch for practice and all cricket accessories and items, bats with kit are good for reasonable price.


    - Shaurya Vardhan

    Amazing collection of cricket accessories including bat, pads, gloves, helmets, trophies etc. The nets are decent for practice.

  • review-star

    - Deepak Kumar

    Always enjoyed this place. Great indoor cricket practice setup for every age. Bowling machines, Camera recording, match drills and cricket equipment - everything that a budding professional cricketer needs at one place.

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