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Cricket is a robust support that requires vigor, patience, and proper protection to enjoy it. If you simply play tennis in your backyard, this might not be the case for you but if you play regular cricket in an academy, you need to have the proper protection in your kit bag (and of course, the cricket kit bag too).


The Cricket Equipment section in our store will help you find all kinds of cricket equipment of all sizes, including helmets, batting gloves, keeping gloves, pads, guards, and kit bags.

Here is an overview of all the categories we have in our equipment section of the store.

Cricket Batting Gloves

Batting gloves provide excellent grip on the bat and protection against the ball. Apart from being a compulsory rule in professional cricket, cricket gloves can absorb excess sweat, support your wrists and provide better control and shock absorption in hands during shots. The wrist tape fits perfectly on the hand, supporting the wrists to play the shot. Cricket Store Online has all batting gloves available for kids at the best prices. See our gloves page to learn more about batting gloves, sizes, and maintenance. You can also get expert guidance from our experts with decades of experience in dealing with cricket products.

Cricket Batting Helmet

Cricket can sometimes be brutal because balls hit at high speed and sometimes cause severe injuries and even fractures. This is why players near the pitch must wear a helmet. This includes the two batsmen, the wicketkeeper, and any fielder close to the pitch which has a chance of being hit by a ball severely. This is why choosing the correct helmet size that can provide maximum protection and comfort while playing is essential. To learn more about sizes and to buying guide, visit the helmets page. You can also get expert guidance from our experts with decades of experience in dealing with cricket products.

Cricket Batting Pads

Cricket batting pads protect nearly half of your body from a professional cricket ball that can cause severe injuries. But worry not because we have a whole list of amazing cricket batting pads of all sizes that provide excellent protection, grip, and reliability for a reliable period. If you want to learn about a cricket batting pad's maintenance and buying guide, visit our batting pads section and read it in detail. You can also get expert guidance from our experts with decades of experience in dealing with cricket products.

Cricket Batting Guards

Cricket guards offer additional protection in places where batting pads and helmets don’t reach, including the chest, arm, upper thighs, and male reproductive organs.

Chest Guard: Chest guards aren’t used much by players, but only if you have good batting skills and can confidently stop the balls from hitting your chest. From the start, you should have as much protection as you can.

Arm Guard: the arm guard protects your arm facing the batsmen (left arm if you are a right-handed batsman) and helps against fractures, severe injuries, and dislocations.

Abdo guard: Abdo guard is vital equipment used to protect the male reproductive organs from severe shocks that can even lead to death. It is essential and compulsory to wear abdo guards.

Thigh guard: Thigh guards are worn underneath the trousers and help protect the upper thighs where the batting pad doesn’t reach you. You need to have protection against good-length deliveries that can hit your thighs.

To learn more about cricket guards in detail, visit our guards sub-section in the equipment section and learn about maintenance. You can also get expert guidance from our experts with decades of experience in dealing with cricket products.

Wicket Keeper Gloves / Keeping Pads

Wicket-keeping pads are important protective gear for wicket-keepers. They have the same role as cricket batting pads, which protect your legs against any potential harm from the ball. Gone are the days when keepers used to wear batting pads for wicket-keeping. At CricketStoreOnline, we have wicket-keeping pads from the world’s best manufacturers at an absolute bargain. To learn more about wicketkeeper pads, including size chart and maintenance guide, visit this page.

Cricket Kit Bags

Now how are you going to store all equipment and carry it to your academy daily? Get a nice cricket bag with spacious compartments and carry it with ease. We even got bags with tires you can just roll on without worrying about picking them on your shoulders. Cricket Store Online has a wide variety of cricket kit bags and duffel bags. Some cricketers have lately preferred carrying-on-the-back duffle bag options for carrying their cricket kit. Learn more about cricket kit bags in detail!


What we covered in this article:

  • Types of cricket equipment
  • Cricket batting gloves
  • Batting helmet
  • Batting and WK pads
  • Guards
  • Kit Bags


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