SS Player Edition and GG Smacker Series Cricket Bats 2024 | Expert Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 6th May 2024

In this video, Amar Shah from Cricket Store Online presents an in-depth analysis of the latest SS cricket bats for 2024. The majority of the 20 premium bats included in the box belonged to the SS GG Smacker series, alongside two SS Limited Edition cricket bats. Hand-selected by Jatin Sareen himself, these bats promise exceptional quality and performance. Here are some highlights of Amar’s review!

SS Ton Player Edition Cricket Bats 2024

Distinguished from the Original Player cricket bats, the SS Player Edition cricket bats make a notable appearance in CSO's inventory after a considerable interval. Echoing the profile of SS Surya Kumar Yadav's original player bat, these bats feature a full profile with the sweet spot positioned in the mid to low section of the bat's blade. Crafted from Grade 1 premium English willow, these bats boast immaculate front faces adorned with nine straight and dark grains.

Amar provides a thorough review of two SS Player Edition cricket bats. The first bat comes with an oval handle, while the second features a round handle. Weighing approximately 1150 grams each, these bats vary slightly in their grain count but deliver identical performance and ping. Crafted with precision and finesse, these limited edition bats offer unparalleled quality and performance, making them coveted assets for any cricketer.

SS GG Smacker Signature Cricket Bat 2024

The SS GG Smacker Signature cricket bat is crafted from high-quality English willow, ensuring durability and performance on the field. With an overall large profile and a spine extending from the middle to the lower section, this bat offers a generous sweet spot positioned at the bottom. The thick edges contribute to its power-packed performance, making it ideal for hard-hitting shots and lofted drives. Featuring an off-center knob on the handle, this bat offers improved balance and pickup, despite being slightly bottom-heavy due to the lower sweet spot.

Amar reviewed five SS GG Smacker bats in this video, highlighting their consistent profiles and impressive ping. While they may vary slightly in weight and grain count, their overall profiles remain consistent, making them reliable and budget-friendly options for cricketers of all levels.

SS GG Smacker Blaster Cricket Bat 2024

Crafted from Grade 4 super select English willow, the SS GG Smacker Blaster cricket bats offer excellent value for money without compromising on performance. These bats feature very thick edges and a remarkably light pickup, providing maximum playing area for powerful precise shots. The specially designed shoulders contribute to their durability and stability on the field. Despite being budget-friendly options, SS meticulously presses these bats to deliver outstanding ping and consistent performance. While their lower willow grade makes them more affordable, SS ensures that they maintain optimal performance standards.

With a thick spine and a large bottom, these bats generate phenomenal power, allowing players to cover boundaries with ease. Sporting a thin handle and an off-center knob for improved balance, Amar recommends adding an extra grip for enhanced pickup. This video reviews five SS GG Smacker Blaster cricket bats, each offering similar performance and ping while varying slightly in grain count and weight.

SS GG Smacker Punch Cricket Bat 2024

SS GG Smacker Punch cricket is equipped with fiber tape on the front and may exhibit some discoloration in the willow. Because of this, they are highly economical and budget-friendly cricket bats, offering exceptional value for money. Sporting a profile similar to other SS GG Smacker cricket bats, SS GG Smacker Punch bats weigh approximately 1140 - 1185 grams.

During the review, Amar tested the ping on the SS GG Smacker Punch cricket bat and was thoroughly impressed by its performance. Reviewing five GG Smacker Punch bats in this video, Amar noted their consistent profiles and excellent ping, making them a reliable choice for players seeking affordability without compromising on quality.

For players seeking premium quality and performance, the SS cricket bats for 2024 stand as exemplary choices. From the exclusive Player Edition models to the budget-friendly GG Smacker series, SS continues to deliver bats tailored to every player's needs and preferences. You can buy these amazing SS bats by visiting the cricket store online.


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