SS Gunther Long Blade Cricket Bat 2024 (RED) | Complete Profile Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 6th May 2024

In this video, Amar Shah explores the latest offerings from SS Cricket – the SS Gunther cricket bats, released in 2024. These exceptional bats arrive in the signature SS Gunther leather bag, epitomizing top-notch craftsmanship. Hand-selected Grade 1 Plus Premium Reserved English Willow ensures unmatched quality and performance. Notably, these bats are limited to only 10-12 units globally each year, adding to their exclusivity.

SS Gunther Cricket Bat 2024 (Red)

The SS Gunther Cricket Bat 2024 features striking Gunther branding in red and offers a unique solution to a common problem faced by cricket players. Recognizing the challenge of using premium bats in practice due to breakage risks, SS introduces a concept with the SS Gunther model. This bat includes two variants – one crafted from super-premium Grade 1+ English willow and the other an identical replica with lower-graded willow. Both bats feature identical profiles, weights, and specifications, presented in a premium case for easy transportation.

Profile of SS Gunther Bat 2024

The SS Gunther 2024 boasts a full-profile design, with thin shoulder width allowing for concentrated willow in the middle and bottom. With thick edges and a high spine, this bat is engineered for explosive performance. Its mid-to-low profile suits aggressive hitters, providing a substantial sweet spot and excellent shock absorption. Additionally, the absence of concaving enhances its power-packed performance. Notably, this particular Gunther model introduces a long blade variant, catering to taller players' unique needs.

Willow Quality and Grains

Crafted from the finest Grade 1+ English willow, the SS Gunther bat showcases impeccable front and back faces adorned with straight grains. Amar Shah was particularly impressed by the grain straightness, highlighting the bat's superior craftsmanship. For right-handed batsmen, a slight shade of hardwood on the inner edge enhances performance and durability.

Weight and Ping

Weighing approximately 1220 grams, the SS Gunther bat delivers exceptional pickup, allowing for swift and precise shots. Amar Shah's ping test with a red cricket ball reveals consistent and impressive results, with the ball effortlessly rebounding off the bat's surface. Whether for practice or professional play, the SS Gunther bat offers unmatched quality and performance.

For cricketers seeking top-quality performance, the SS Gunther cricket bat stands as a testament to excellence. With its premium materials, top-notch design, and innovative features, this bat caters to the diverse needs of players at every level. Experience the difference with SS Gunther – visit Cricket Store Online today to secure your ultimate cricket companion.


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