New Balance TC Range 2022 - Summarized Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 30th Aug 2022

New Balance TC Range 2022 - Summarized Review

In this video, Amar reviewed the New Balance TC range cricket bats. The New Balance TC 2022 range is a high-quality cricket bat and includes all the qualities you need as a batter. All these bats are hand selected by the people at the cricket store online.


Amar reviewed the following line-up of the New Balance TC range.

New Balance TC 590 Cricket Bat 2022

The NB TC 590 is the most economical budget cricket bat in the TC range model, costing you around $170. Even though it is a budget bat, no compromises have been made in its quality. The bat comes with 65mm swell depth, 37-38mm blade size, and a thick shoulder. There are 6-7 straight grains on the bat, and it weighs around 2.8 lbs. The bats come in a Red and Black color tone.

New Balance TC 640+ Cricket Bat 2022

The NB TC 640+ is a grade 4 English Willow bat. The bat's sweet spot is slightly higher (250mm from the toe), which is ideal for players who like to play horizontal bat shots. As we go up in TC models, the thickness of the edge slightly increases. The 640+ comes with 39mm thick edges with 65mm spine height and 7-8 nice straight grains. This bat weighs around 2.9lbs.

New Balance TC 740+ Cricket Bat 2022

The TC 740+, made from Grade-3 English Willow, is yet another decent willow in the low to medium price range. It offers 61-62mm swell height and 39mm thick edges. You can see a few blemishes on the willow. The bat has 10-11 straight grains and a round 6 pieces Singapore Cane Handle.

New Balance TC 840+ Cricket Bat 2022

The NB TC 840+ is a Grade 3 English willow bat. This bat is another renowned model of the TC series of New Balance endorsed by English player Joe Root. This bat pickup is light thanks to the thick handle and shoulder, making it easier to swing. The bat weighs around 2.9lbs. It has 40mm thick edges and a 6 Piece Singapore Cane Semi oval handle.

New Balance TC 1050+ Cricket Bat 2022

The NB TC 1050+ is another Grade 2 English willow bat approved by English player Joe Root. This bat has a complete profile, with 62 mm spine height and 39-40 mm thick edges. It has a semi-rounded shape with an oval handle and large edges, a combination that Joe Root likes to play with. The bat has 8-9 straight grains. The sweet spot is slightly higher from the bottom.

New Balance TC Pro Plus Cricket Bat 2022

The NB TC Pro+ is a bat with a short handle and a slightly concave shape that is good for batters who like to play at a horizontal angle. The bat comes with a Grade 1 English willow and a complete profile. It has 63mm swell depth with 40mm edge thickness making it one of the best bats in the TC range. The bat offers a more prominent sweet spot than other bats on the list.

New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bat 2022

The NB TC 1260 is a Grade 1 English willow bat. The combination of a higher sweet spot, a semi-oval shaped, and a 6-piece Singapore Cane handle works great for horizontal shot selection, specifically on fast or bouncy pitches. The bat has 63mm swell height, 40mm edge size, and thick shoulders. The ping on the bat is soft.

New Balance TC 1260 Player Edition Cricket Bat 2022

The NB TC 1260 player edition is an original player bat made from premium Grade 1 English willow. The English player Joe Clarke also uses this bat. It weighs 2.11 lbs but picks up around 2.9 lbs thanks to the mid-swell and large edges. This bat has 10-11 nice straight grains with a clean willow. Amar checked the ping of the bat and found it soft and solid.

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