New Balance CK4030v2 Cricket Shoes

Posted by jason mellet on 9th Sep 2015

New Balance CK4030v2 Cricket Shoes

Here they are! The all new,  New Balance CK4030v2 cricket shoes. These shoes are jam packed with all the most incredible technology. They are a force to be reckoned with and will prove very popular when they are released.

Here is what you need to know about the New Balance CK4030v2  cricket shoes.

1) Comfort

They are made from a synthetic and mesh upper. This offers huge amounts of breath-ability so that the foot is well ventilated. Your team-mates will be thankful for that too, after a long days cricket. They also come with New Balance's ABZORB technology, this provides highly cushioned feeling to the foot, without foregoing any of the high quality foot and ankle support. They have a 12mm drop as opposed to the CK10 which is a minimalist shoe with only a 4mm drop. If you are playing cricket on a higher level, or if you are a fast bowler and want the extra support afforded by the bigger drop, than the New Balance CK4030v2 cricket shoes are certainly what you should be after.

2) Durability

As mentioned, fast bowlers will take a keen interest in these cricket shoes. And fast bowlers know that the toe-tip of their cricket shoes can become ragged in days with constant dragging after delivery.  New Balance has that covered with a re-enforced toe-tip to make sure that you are well covered for drag. New Balance is also a hallmark of high-quality on athletic shoes and that is no different when it comes to cricket shoes.

3) Balance

This is what everyone is after in a cricket shoe. Whether you are a batsman or a bowler, you want to feel steady on your feet when you play the game. The New Balance range of shoes have incorporated much cricket specific technology, like the positioning of their 11 interchangeable spikes to ensure cricketers always feel balanced when wearing them. Whether you need a half-spike or a full-spike you can easily twist them into your New Balance cricket shoes.

These shoes will be available shortly in America from  Cricket Store Online

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