New Balance CK4020v2 Cricket Shoes

Posted by jason mellet on 9th Sep 2015

New Balance CK4020v2 Cricket Shoes

The majority of cricketers in the USA will play there cricket on hard wickets, this means either a matted wicket or Astro Turf. Players in America therefore seek a cricket shoe that is optimal for those surfaces.

There is no need to look any further than the  New Balance CK4020v2 cricket shoe. This is an ideal rubber soled shoe. It is perfect for batting, bowling or fielding. The outsole of the shoe is what makes it so perfect for these types pitches it is full rubber turf design outsole.

What this means is that New Balance have gone ahead and produced a cricket shoe with specifically hard wicket players in mind.

Comfort comes standard with all of  New Balance's cricket shoes. These shoes are super-lightweight and they allow batsmen and bowlers a lot of flexibility.

Like all of their cricket shoes, New Balance have added the toe-tip onto their New Balance CK402v2 cricket shoes for added durability on the toe section of the shoe. This is very important for bowlers who will usually drag the front of the shoe as they complete the delivery.

New Balance are exceptional at looking after the big things in athletic shoes. This is no different when it comes to the New Balance CK4020v2 cricket shoes. The ankle support is incredible. Batsmen, bowlers and fielders are desperate to find a cricket shoe that provides them with adequate ankle support. The New Balance CK4020v2 Cricket Shoes do exactly that.

New Balance is growing rapidly as a cricket equipment brand. Much of their attention to detail and high quality product that they bring to athletics has been directly transferred into their cricket products. It begins at their impressive ranges of cricket shoes.

As a cricketer in America myself, I can safely say that being that I play the majority of my cricket on turf and matted wickets, there is no doubt that the  New Balance CK4020v2 will be my choice of cricket shoes for a very long time to come.

These cricket shoes will be available shortly in the US from Cricket Store Online.

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