Kookaburra Rapid Pro Cricket Bat 2022- Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 9th Aug 2022

Kookaburra Rapid Pro Cricket Bat 2022- Review

Amar Shah reviews a fantastic version of Kookaburra Rapid Pro Cricket Bats. These bats are the latest models in the Kookaburra 2022 lineup and are extremely lightweight. From the first look, these bats are like Kahuna Bats in their weight, pressing, and profile. You can check these bats and their features in this video.

Kookaburra Rapid Pro Cricket Bat

Amar unboxes the first Rapid Pro bat. This is a mid-profile bat with a sweet spot in the center that can help you play amazing cut shots and drives. This bat has relatively thicker edges and spines compared to Kookaburra Kahuna Pro. The bat is made with top-grade English willow having 8-12 straight grains. The bat has a light pick-up and weighs about 2lb 7oz to 2lb 8oz, which is ideal for players who like to use their wrists more while playing.

Bat Handles and Stickers

Kookaburra Rapid Pro bat has an oval-shaped handle which becomes thinner as you go from bottom to top. The handles are made from a unique Singapore cane which is excellent at shock absorption. The Quality and texture of the stickers are ideal, as expected from kookaburra’s original flagship bats.

Aesthetic Appearance

The grains look dark on every bat. The bats also don’t have toe guards, and in the close-up, the clean face and the fantastic color combination of this light willow can be seen easily. The bats have a lovely profile with rounded edges and semi-curve cambers. Bats have a ting of oil over the front face showing that they have a fresh cleft.

Bat Performace

Kookaburra rapid pro bats show excellent ping with white and red balls. Their semi-curved cambers and lightweight help those who just want to make the ball out of the ground. Handles of these bats are made to assist batters ultimately in making heavy shots.


Amar unboxed six bats of Kookaburra Rapid Pro and said that they weigh from two seven to two eight, and some beast version of the kookaburra weighs about two nine. So, weight-wise, these bats are the best and pick up very light. These Kookaburra Rapid Pro Cricket Bat 2022 bats are just different in grains on them, and they all have great pings and the best light pickup.


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For a detailed review, watch the video provided below!