Kookaburra Cadejo Players Cricket Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 5th Mar 2015

Kookaburra Cadejo Players Cricket Bat

Kookaburra Cadejo Players Cricket Bat

Perhaps the most outstanding new addition to the Kookaburra family of high quality cricket bats is the Kookaburra Cadejo Players Cricket Bat. Everything about the Kookaburra Cadejo Players cricket bat, indicates a superlative quality and an exemplary attention to detail in the making of the bat.

It is however a bat that may not be best suited for every one. It is a heavy weight bat with a very aggressive structure. In cricketing terms, this bat is perhaps best suited for players who prefer smoking boundaries to running between the wickets. This does not mean that it does not have its benefits for the touch type batsman who likes to accumulate his runs.

Kookaburra Cadejo Players Cricket Bat          Kookaburra Cadejo Players Cricket Bat

The thickness of the edges is between 36mm and 40mm, which is quite standard for pro players cricket bats these days. Unique to the Kookaburra Cadejo cricket bat is the fact that the edge profile is square, this is a preference of some players like Michael Carberry who uses the Kookaburra Cadejo Players.

It goes without saying that the Kookaburra Cadejo is produced using the highest quality unbleached English Willow. In addition, Kookaburra air dry all the clefts of willow that are used for the Kookaburra Cadejo Players Cricket Bat. This is a seriously limited edition cricket bat, it is simply limited as Kookaburra cannot find enough clefts good enough to produce the Kookaburra Cadejo Player cricket bat.

The Kookaburra Cadejo comes with the Power Plus face, this is a face that has been technologically developed by Kookaburra to give maximum power in the hitting zone and subsequently through the ball.

The sweet spot is in the mid point of the blade and this is the benefit to a player who likes to play the ball all around the wicket whether off the front foot or the back foot.

This is a bat that is for the skilled cricket player who will benefit from the high quality of one of the best bats on the market.

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