Aiden Markram Equipment for World Cup and International Matches

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 10th Oct 2023

Aiden Markram Equipment for World Cup and International Matches

In the annals of cricket history, there are moments that leave spectators in awe, moments that redefine the sport, and moments that etch a player's name in gold. Aiden Markram's blistering century in a World Cup innings is one such moment. Markram shattered records, scoring a century in just 49 balls, and finishing the innings with a staggering strike rate of 196.3. It was an innings that lit up stadiums, and cricket fans around the world marveled at his prowess. But what lies behind such a remarkable performance? In this blog post, we delve into the equipment that Aiden Markram used during that unforgettable World Cup inning, exploring the tools that helped him achieve this extraordinary feat and leave an indelible mark on the cricketing world.


Aiden Markram, the South African dynamo, trusts the GM Aiden Markram Players Edition Cricket Bat 2023 to deliver unmatched power and precision on the grandest stage of them all. This bat isn't just a piece of willow; it's a masterpiece, finely tuned to Markram's exacting standards. Crafted for explosive stroke play, it boasts an imposing profile with a generous swell depth of 64mm, thick edges measuring 39mm, and a sweet spot that's the stuff of nightmares for bowlers. It's made from the finest unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow, meticulously selected for its grain structure and weight.


Aiden Markram's Prima-labeled bat, with its weight between 2.9lb and 2.11lb, adheres to the ORIGINAL L.E. Specification, representing a special selection of the best. What truly sets this bat apart is the top-quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle, delivering an unparalleled feel, flex, and control. When Markram wields this willow, it becomes an extension of his will, allowing him to dominate the world's premier bowlers with ease.

Batting Gloves: GM Original LE Batting Gloves 2023

The GM Original LE Batting Gloves 2023 worn by Aiden Markram in World Cup matches epitomize the fusion of innovation and protection. Designed for professional cricketers worldwide, these gloves offer impeccable shielding without compromising mobility. Constructed with a combination of materials, they feature a Pittard Leather Palm that ensures superior grip and durability. An additional palm wear patch adds to their longevity, ensuring they endure the rigors of elite cricket.


These gloves offer robust protection with XRD and Fibre Overflaps, complemented by Raw Cotton Finger Rolls and HD Foam, delivering unmatched safety against even the fastest of bowlers. The Pro PU Back of Hand offers flexibility without compromising protection. The multi-section back of the hand and soft-fill comfort lining enhance comfort, ensuring that Markram can focus solely on his performance. With sidebar protection, a two-piece thumb, and a double-sided sweatband, these gloves are a cricketer's armor.

Helmet: Shrey Master Class AIR 2.0 Cricket Helmet - STEEL

The Shrey Master Class AIR 2.0 Cricket Helmet is a cutting-edge protective gear weighing just 940gms, making it one of the lightest helmets meeting ICC/BSI standards for various ball sizes. Its high-grade Xenoy composite shell ensures durability, paired with an A+ American EPS liner for shock absorption. Featuring a top-grade stainless steel grille, it offers better visibility and superior facial and side protection. The advanced airflow system keeps players cool during intense matches, and the helmet includes permanently attached AIR and SHREY embossed side plates, an improved rear retention system with cushion pads for comfort, and a removable band that can be washed separately. The stainless steel visor, adjustable strap, and three cushion paddings guarantee an exceptional fit, making the Shrey Master Class AIR a pinnacle of safety and performance in international cricket.

Batting Pads: GM Original L.E Batting Legguard

The GM Original L.E Batting Legguards are a testament to modern protective design. These batting pads feature a PU+ facing for enhanced durability and protection. Their traditional cotton/cane construction ensures comfort and flexibility, enabling players to move freely. With a combination of low-density foam and Plastic Fibre Vertical Bolster, these pads offer exceptional impact absorption. They also include a one-piece Low-Density Interior Bolster and a stitched-in Top Hat for added security and protection. The XRD/Plastic Fibre/Tri-Layer Foam Knee Locator ensures precise placement and protection. Additionally, the Comfort Strap system with three straps and the Comfort Instep with PU facing contribute to a secure and comfortable fit.

Shoes: Adidas Adipower Vector MID 20 Cricket Shoes

The Adidas Adipower Vector MID 20 Cricket Shoes have taken cricket footwear to a new level of innovation. These shoes incorporate the revolutionary BOA tightening system, replacing traditional laces with a faster and more convenient method of lacing while providing much-needed support for fast bowlers during their high-impact actions. The beveled heel design facilitates a smooth transition between jumping and landing phases during the bowling motion, enhancing stability. The EVA midsole with adiprene in the heel delivers excellent cushioning for enhanced comfort during extended periods on the field. With a mid-cut ankle height for improved fit and support and a TPU outsole that reduces weight while maintaining midfoot integrity, these shoes are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of all cricketers.


Aiden Markram's remarkable century in that World Cup innings will forever be etched in cricketing history as a display of sheer talent, skill, and unmatched determination. While the world marveled at his extraordinary performance, we dived deeper to uncover the equipment that played a pivotal role in his success. From the GM Aiden Markram Players Edition Cricket Bat to the GM Original LE Batting Gloves, Shrey Master Class AIR 2.0 Cricket Helmet, GM Original L.E Batting Legguard, and Adidas Adipower Vector MID 20 Cricket Shoes, each piece of gear contributed to his legendary innings. As Markram continues to inspire budding cricketers and fans worldwide, his equipment choices serve as a testament to the significance of having the right tools to achieve sporting greatness.


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