Why Knock-In a Cricket Bat and how?

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 2nd Jul 2019

Why Knock-In a Cricket Bat and how?

The top way to ruin any cricket bat is to take it and start hitting rocks around with it. But nobody does that. There is another great way to ruin your bat and that is to play with your brand new cricket bat without knocking it in. You would be surprised as to how many people buy a high quality cricket bat for a pretty penny and then resort to ignoring the necessity of knocking the cricket bat it.

Knocking in the bat does not only bring the bat up to peak performance for that sweet ping that comes off a well prepared cricket bat but it gels the fibers and sinews in the willow to prepare to face a cricket ball at high velocity. Without this preparation the fibers can crack and break, if too many of them crack and break you land up with a very broken cricket bat. You can equate this with muscle training in your own body, you cannot expect to lift a heavy weight without stretching and preparing your body for it, if you do try and do so there is the possibility that you will tear a muscle.

There are those who do make an attempt to knock their new cricket bat in but they make a feeble attempt at it. Their eagerness or lack of time gets the better of them and they end up under preparing the bat. While this is not as bad as those who do not knock their cricket bats in at all, it is far from ideal.

Professional stores like cricketstoreonline.com offers a professional cricket bat knocking in service. This service ensures that your cricket bat is knocked in by a professional using a piece of equipment that is specifically designed for the knocking in process. You can rest assured that if you purchase this incredible service, your bat will come in optimum playing condition, ensuring that you don't experience any of the cricket bat maladies that come along with a cricket bat that has not been knocked in properly.