Unveiling SG's Innovation: Armoured Cricket Titan Batting Gloves

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 1st Mar 2024

Unveiling SG's Innovation: Armoured Cricket Titan Batting Gloves

In this video, Amar Shah takes us through the cutting-edge world of cricket protection with a comprehensive review of the latest SG Batting Gloves – introducing the SG Armoured Cricket Titan Batting Gloves. Noteworthy is the availability of these gloves in diverse models, including KLR and Rishabh Pant variants, showcasing SG's commitment to catering to various player preferences.

SG Armour Batting Gloves

Amar begins by drawing a vivid analogy, likening these gloves to the essential protection boxers use for their teeth. He emphasizes the crucial role these gloves play in safeguarding batsmen from high-speed deliveries. What immediately stands out is their robust build, attributed to advanced fiber protection, a feature that initially surprises Amar.

In-Depth Review: The Feel and Functionality

As Amar takes a bat in hand, he notes that the gloves, despite their protective prowess, feel ordinary in terms of comfort and grip. However, their standout feature lies in the claim by SG that they can prevent an impressive 98% of potential injuries faced by international players. The enhanced fiber protection strategically placed on key areas like finger tops and sides reflects a thoughtful design that directly addresses contemporary concerns about player safety.

Balancing Act: Protection Meets Comfort

Amar underscores a crucial aspect of these gloves – their ability to provide robust protection without compromising on comfort. This delicate balance, he notes, marks a genuine innovation from SG Cricket. In an industry where cricket gloves have seen incremental changes over time, SG's approach stands out. They've considered every aspect from the batter's perspective, leading to a design that meets the evolving needs of modern cricketers.

Dual-Material Design: Enhancing Grip and Comfort

Amar delves into the design intricacies, highlighting a unique feature of these gloves – the dual-material composition on different sides. One side features plastic material, while the other incorporates sponge-type material. This innovative approach enhances the overall grip on the bat, adding a layer of sophistication to the gloves.


In a market saturated with conventional designs, SG's Armoured Cricket Titan Batting Gloves emerge as a refreshing and innovative option. This comprehensive review by Amar Shah illuminates the nuanced understanding SG Cricket has demonstrated in addressing the evolving needs of cricketers, making these gloves a compelling choice for the discerning player.


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