Top Cricket Shoes with Rubber Studs for 2021 | Cricket Store Online

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 15th Apr 2021

Top Cricket Shoes with Rubber Studs for 2021 | Cricket Store Online

Top Cricket Shoes with Rubber Studs for 2021

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We are really excited to bring you the top cricket shoes with rubber studs available to meet your cricketing needs this season. In this blog, we will talk about the range of cricket shoes available in our Cricket Online Store.

Kookaburra KC 2.0 Rubber


A blend of revolutionary design & traditional quality manufacture makes these shoes the only choice for discerning Cricketers at all levels. These lightweight cricket shoes have athletic style ‘Slip Last’ to provide comfort and support. This streamlined low-profile design shoe has 3D moulded hexagonal EVA Insole to provide superb shock absorbency and comfort.

Kookaburra KC 3.0 Rubber

KC 3.0 Rubber Cricket Shoe has been designed to provide comfort for cricketers. This lightweight cricket shoe has an integrated padded system to increase grip and comfort. This cricket shoe has features like Durafoam, Thermo-Flex, and Ultra-Weight to offer stability and comfort to players.

Payntr V Rubber (Multiple Color Available)

This high-performance cricket shoe offers responsive padding around the ankle and neckline for comfort and support. The honeycomb insole is included to provide cushioning to the arch of the foot. Innovate your game with this high-quality shoe!

Payntr X Rubber (Multiple Color Available)

Payntr X Rubber (Camo) Cricket Shoes – 2021 offers high-performance and ultimate comfort. These shoes come up with a rubber sole for added traction. The main features of this high-quality shoe include re-enforced Toe Protection, responsive cushioning, and nanometer strength-tested PU upper.

GM Icon All Rounder

GM Icon All Rounder shoe has a new insole for improved arch support and comfort. This high-performance cricket shoe has a lightweight upper, GM IoPro sole unit, and tri-layer cushioning.

GM Original All Rounder

GM Original All Rounder has a new insole for improved arch support and comfort. This sleek, athletic and functional shoe has a compression moulded EVA mid-sole to provide superior cushioning and comfort.


As you'll find many options out there, we have tried our best to make your search easy to choose the best cricket shoe with rubber studs. Hope you have liked the latest collection of cricket shoes with rubber studs that we shared in this blog. At Cricket Online Store, we have more options for cricket shoes to pick from. Visit our online cricket store to check our complete collection!