Top 10 Cricket Bats of 2021

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 5th Apr 2021

Top 10 Cricket Bats of 2021

High-quality cricket bats are one of the most important items for every avid cricketer in this world. Professional cricketers always check out every detail of the bat before buying the right one. Premium cricket bats may be slightly costlier. However, they will never embarrass you while you are trying hard to beat your rival team.  x

We have carefully chosen the best 10 cricket bats by analyzing the performance, willow grade, quality, and overall value. You can go through their details and find the right one. Although you are a budding player, you cherish the dream of being a professional one. That’s why you have to purchase the right cricket bat for your needs.

Our Recommendation of Top 10 Cricket Bats of 2021

SS Super Select Cricket Bat

SS Super Select Cricket Bat

We have found it as one of the premium-grade bats resembling the look of some bats used by MS Dhoni. Based on the specifications of top-class players, this bat has a flawless design. It is a Grade 1 English willow bat with medium weight. You will find it available at a reasonable price.

SS Super Select Cricket is the most popular one of the SS series. The best quality English willow used for this kit makes the bat long-lasting. Moreover, the clean bat face with concave edges and a wide play area is one of the distinct features of this cricket bat. The bat presents you with the high to the mid-level sweet spot.

Besides, it is easy to grip the short round-shaped handle. To integrate the latest design and add an aesthetic value, manufacturers have used an embossed chrome sticker.

SS SS Super Select Cricket Bat Sweeping Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm Handle length

MRF Game Changer Cricket Bat

MRF Game Changer Cricket Bat

It deserves the name- Game Changer, as it helps you to refine your performance. This English Willow A1+ grade bat is much similar to the bats used by the Indian player, Virat Kohli. As the design is based on Kohli's specifications, you will find a professional look. Manufacturers have put the power in the central part of the bat. This bat is unique in terms of the overall feel and pickup. The flat, squared toe ensures the best pickup with this bat.

The handcrafted, thoroughly tested bat will help you to play the game confidently. With every stroke, you can maintain balance. While checking the bat’s profile, we have noticed a traditional style all over its blade. Designed with a multi-piece cane, the bat’s semi-oval handle ensures a perfect blend of power and control.

MRF Game Changer Cricket Bat Sweeping Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm

GN Legend Cricket Bat-

GN Legend Cricket Bat

GN Legend has gained a prestigious position, as it ensures uncompromised performance and high aesthetic value. The Legend is one of the best bat models of Gray Nicoll’s collection.

Gray Nicoll is known to cricket players for more than 150 years, and that’s why its product embodies high-end performance and the best quality. Made of 1% of willow, the Legend bat has hand-selected clefts. Other notable features of the bat are the mid-blade sweet spot, mid-blade bow, and a concave profile. There is a double-textured zone for a better grip. The 12-piece cane handle has a semi-oval bottom to ensure a high level of comfort.

The Legend cricket bat designed for juniors has a weight range of 2lb 1oz - 2lb 6oz. The models for seniors are available with a weight ranging from 2lb 7oz to 2lb 12oz.

GN Legend Cricket Bat Sweeping Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm

SG Gold Classic Original LE-

SG Gold Classic Original LE

SG Gold Classic Original LE is another high-end bat with a flat toe. The custom-made design ensures high performance and premium quality. The weight varies from 2.9 lbs to 2.10 lbs. The traditional-style round handle is made of Singapore cane. You will have a comfortable grip and better control of the bat. Moreover, the cork has a 3-way insertion in between splits. Due to the high shock absorption capability, you will have a jerk-free performance with this bat.

You can buy this cricket bat to play with a leather ball. The full-size cricket bat has a length of about 33.7 inches. Make sure that your height is at least 5’6″ to manage the bat properly.

SG Gold Classic Original LE Contoured Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm

Hammer Player Reserve Cricket Bat-

Hammer Player Reserve Cricket Bat

Hammer Player Reserve is one of the latest additions to the collections of cricket bats. At present, you can find it available only on a few sites. Still, it is important to know that the Hammer Player Reserve bat has a nice profile and perfect craftsmanship. Hammer Player Reserve presents you with up to 12 straight grains. Moreover, you will notice good pickups and a quality handle with textured grips. The quality bats with high-grade Willow are available with the best edges. Most importantly, there is no concavity in Hammer Player Reserve bats.

Hammer Player Reserve Cricket Bat Sweeping Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm

SS Original Player Cricket Bat-

SS Original Player Cricket Bat

Available in the latest design and lightweight structure, this Original Player cricket bat ensures the perfect balance. The thick edges have a dimension ranging from 36 mm to 38 mm. The premium quality English Willow bat has a weight ranging from 1080 grams to 1150 grams. With a round handle and concave edges, this bat has a big sweet spot.

The specially designed grip provides you with better control and comfort. The presence of more than 7 straight grains is another noticeable feature of the bat. The 9-piece can handle has shock absorption capacity. However, you have to check the hologram to get the original and authentic bat.

SS Original Player Cricket Bat Sweeping Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm

SG Original Player Cricket Bat-

SG Original Player Cricket Bat

SG Original Player Bat is one of the finest quality models made of English Willow. The hard-pressed Willow has added durability to this cricket bat. The traditional-style bats help you with the best strokes. You can find up to 12 straight grains in this Willow cricket bat.

The length of this original bat is about 33.7 in and its weight is about 2.8 to 2.10 lbs. Use this bat with a leather ball to find the best performance. However, the handle is comparatively shorter than any other bats.

SG Original Player Cricket Bat Sweeping Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm

GM Player Edition Cricket Bat-

GM Player Edition Cricket Bat

You can find different cricket bat models while searching for Gunn & Moore Player Editions. James Vince Player Edition has a flat face, traditional bow, and a duckbill back profile. The big edges have a dimension ranging from 38mm to 40mm. There is no concavity in the rear side. The square toe type with a toe guard prevents the access of moisture to the toe.

Markram Players Edition is another option with almost similar features. You may also choose Dawid Malan Players Edition with a short round handle, mid-low swell position, and a swell depth of about 64mm to 65mm.

Overall, it is found that Gunn & Moore manufactures high-quality English Willow bats. While playing with its bats, you will find unique craftsmanship, premium finish, and a perfect balance.

GM Player Edition Cricket Bat Contoured Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm

KB Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat-

KB Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat

KB Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat is available with a powerful profile with a big sweet spot that ensures a faster travel speed to your ball. The Grade 1 bat is best for both beginners and intermediate-level cricket players. Thus, you can start your career with this quality bat.

The naturally dried Kashmir willow wood adds durability and ensures the best performance. However, Kashmir willow is slighter heavier than English willow. One of the most notable features of Kashmir Willow wood is it has a high-density level, and thus, you will find your bat lasts longer.

Moreover, the oval power drive handle made of Sarawak Cane is another important thing about this cricket bat. The fine grip with an Octopus design will feel soft on your hand. You can control the bat in a better way and hit the ball confidently.

KB Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat Contoured Spine Partially Concave Back Mid Swell 295mm

DSC Original Player Cricket Bat-

DSC Original Player Cricket Bat

DSC manufactures high-quality cricket bats, and you will find the best performance by investing in Original products. You can try out DSC XLITE 3.0 Cricket Bat with prominent edges and a mid swell system for better back foot play. The multi-piece cane ensures an optimal level of comfort.

DSC Blue Cyan is another Grade 2 English Willow bat with 6 to 9 grains. One of the unique features is that it has a treble spring handle that provides high strength and comes with considerable shock absorption. DSC has intentionally made the blade curved for better performance.

DSC Original Player Cricket Bat Contoured Spine Traditional Full Blade Mid to Low Swell 295mm


You can buy any of these bats to cherish your dream of becoming a successful cricket player. As you aim at buying the best cricket bat for your passion or dreams, it is imperative for you to be aware of the right specifications to make the right choice. With the myriad of options available out there, you should conduct in-depth research and consider important factors before buying the right cricket bat for yourself.