SS World Cup Edition & SS Gunther Cricket Bats 2024 - Summary Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 1st Mar 2024

SS World Cup Edition & SS Gunther Cricket Bats 2024 - Summary Review

In this video, Richel from Cricket Store Online (CSO) unveils the highly anticipated SS World Cup Edition cricket bats. Originally slated for the World Cup but fashionably delayed, these bats represent the pinnacle of cricketing excellence. Crafted exclusively for CSO customers, these gems are a rare find, making CSO the exclusive bearer of these treasures in the USA.


Let's dive into Richel's insightful review, where he provides a comprehensive look at the unique features and performance of these exceptional cricket bats.

SS Word Cup Edition - Red Premium Bat

Richel introduces the first highlight – the Red Premium Bat. It's bedecked with vibrant World Cup edition stickers, proudly displaying the flags of cricketing nations in bold red hues. Upon closer examination, the bat reveals a front willow adorned with nine straight and equidistant grains. It's coupled with a slight duckbill toe profile and a round handle for optimal control. Noteworthy attributes include the robust edges and toe, ensuring longevity and formidable power.


Subjecting it to rigorous testing, Richel conducts a ping test by bouncing a white cricket ball on its surface. This unveils an impressive ping that imparts a feather-light sensation upon contact. Despite its 1188g weight, the bat's pickup is remarkably light at just 1170g, facilitating effortless maneuverability. Crafted from Grade 2 English willow, it seamlessly combines performance with aesthetics, making it a premium choice for discerning cricketers seeking both style and substance.


Richel examined three Red SS cricket bats and observed that they have similar profiles, with slight differences in grain count and weight. Despite these variations, all bats displayed a phenomenal ping.

SS Word Cup Edition - Blue Premium Bat

The story continues with the Blue Premium Bat, which shares the design of its red counterpart. Richel points out the duckbill toe profile and round handle, allowing players to add an extra grip if they prefer a thicker hold. Made from Grade 3 English willow with a grain count ranging from 7 to 10, this bat weighs around 1170g, providing excellent balance and a strong ping similar to its red counterparts.


In reviewing three Blue SS bats, Richel highlights their impressive ping and consistent profiles, noting slight variations in grains and weight due to the unique wood origins.

SS Gunther Cricket Bat 2024

The grand finale features the SS Gunther series, fashioned from the highest quality Grade 1+ English willow, personally selected by the expert Jatin Sareen. Packaged in a luxurious leather bag, these bats cater to the demands of professional players by providing not just one, but two bats – a premium bat crafted with top-tier willow and a practice bat, slightly less graded but sharing the same profile. Weighing in at 1136g, these bats are adorned with striking Gunther stickers in a vibrant blue, boasting a classic SS profile and delivering an exceptional ping that propels the ball with each elegant stroke.


In conclusion, Richel accentuates the exclusivity and craftsmanship of the SS World Cup Edition and SS Gunther series, urging cricket enthusiasts to explore and acquire these unparalleled cricketing companions. Head over to Cricket Store Online, where these exceptional bats redefine the game with a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.


For a complete expert review, watch the video below!