SS TON Original Players, Gladiator and Super Select Bats - Review and Unboxing

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 3rd Sep 2023

SS TON Original Players, Gladiator and Super Select Bats - Review and Unboxing

In this video, Amar Shah reviews and unboxes some of the best cricket bats from SS. These cricketing gems have been meticulously handpicked by Dipesh from his recent visit to SS’ factory in India. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies of these premium cricket bats, providing you with an in-depth understanding of their exceptional qualities.

SS Super Select Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Super Select Cricket Bat 2023 arrives adorned with fresh stickers, a testament to its premium quality willow. The standout feature here is the grain count, an impressive 12 straight and equidistant grains, setting a standard for excellence. What truly catches the eye is the craftsmanship of both the front and back faces, which exude quality. Notably, these bats come with an unfinished toe, a unique feature that sets them apart. Adding to their uniqueness is the oval handle, a rarity for SS Super Select bats. The 40mm edges are substantial, delivering robust power, and the full-profile design is free of concaving. With a weight averaging around 1160 grams, these bats exhibit the exceptional ping expected of SS Super Select Cricket bats.

Amar reviewed two SS Super Selects in this video. The second bat in this lineup, sporting a round handle and weighing approximately 1170 grams, further demonstrates the diversity within the SS range. Apart from weight and grain count, the bats are almost similar.

SS Nicholas Pooran Original Player Cricket bat 2023

The SS Nicholas Pooran Original Player Cricket Bat 2023 is a full-profile masterpiece with an oval handle, featuring the distinctive Pooran branding at the base. Like its counterparts, it proudly displays an unfinished toe. What sets it apart is its incredible pickup, lending it the classic SS profile. Despite a weight of around 1155 grams, the bat's exceptional weight distribution makes it feel significantly lighter. The face is immaculate, adorned with an impressive 15 straight grains. Amar's test of the ping with a red cricket ball left him in awe, highlighting the resounding ping produced by this remarkable cricket bat.

SS Gladiator Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Gladiator Cricket Bat 2023 boasts a full-profile design reminiscent of MS Dhoni's player cricket bat. Its defining feature is the substantial amount of cleft concentrated in its lower mid-section, contributing to its remarkable power. While its dead weight registers at 1175 grams, the bat's pickup defies this figure, feeling lighter at around 1165 grams. The massive, bulky edges are a striking feature, amplifying its power potential. Impressively, this bat flaunts 8-9 grains and a spotless front face. In a unique twist, Amar attempted to pass the bat through a measuring gauge, but it couldn't make it through, indicating edges of 40mm+.

The second Gladiator bat reviewed by Amar maintains the traditional SS profile, featuring standard edges, a round handle, and a weight of approximately 1170 grams. As expected, it delivers an impressive ping, reaffirming the excellence of SS craftsmanship.


SS Ton Andre Russel Original Player Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Ton Andre Russel Original Player Cricket Bat 2023 stands out with its oval handle, premium-quality English willow, and 11 straight grains. The bat's aesthetics are enhanced by beautifully crafted stickering. Despite a weight of around 2.9 ounces, it feels exceptionally light in the pickup. As a full-profile cricket bat, it delivers a remarkable ping, making it the ideal choice for those seeking effortless boundary-hitting capabilities.

SS Ton Tim David Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Ton Tim David Cricket Bat 2023 arrives with fresh stickering and a round handle. Weighing approximately 2.9 ounces, it feels slightly lighter than the Andre Russel bat, thanks to its remarkable weight distribution. Sharing the exact profile as the SS Andre Russel bat, it maintains the same exceptional quality. Featuring 11 grains and delivering an astounding ping, the ball effortlessly flies off the bat's surface, making it a formidable companion for boundary-seeking batsmen.


These premium SS cricket bats, meticulously selected and reviewed by Amar Shah, epitomize the craftsmanship and quality that SS is renowned for. Whether you seek power, balance, or exceptional ping, SS has you covered. For those longing to enhance their performance on the cricket field, these bats offer an opportunity to elevate your game.

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