SS TON Cricket Bats

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 3rd Feb 2017

SS TON Cricket Bats


SS TON is a premium cricket bat manufacturer making their cricket bats in India. There are SS cricket bats and there are TON cricket bats. The reason for the 2 different branding names is simple and a nice piece of cricket trivia for ardent cricket fans.

Fans from the 80’s and 90’s will remember players like Viv Richards and later players like Mark Taylor batting with SS cricket bats but these were in fact Stuart Surridge cricket bats made in England. In order to sell their cricket bats on the English market and not impede the copyright’s of Stuart Surridge, SS created their range of cricket bats for that market known as Ton.

SS TON Cricket Bats

SS Cricket Bats

SS cricket bats and TON cricket bats have become renowned on the international circuit for being bats with very large sweet spots and very large edges. Players like Kumar Sangakarra enjoyed the immense amount of power that came with these huge hitting area cricket bats. The bats became so famous that cricketers who were using other brands of cricket bat would often sticker up their sponsors stickers onto SS cricket bats.

SS Cricket Bats Variety

SS cricket bats offer a huge variety in terms of English Willow grades that they use in the making of their cricket bats. You have a cricket bat like the SS Gladiator which is made from what GM would consider limited edition English Willow. This is a cricket bat that is made to the specifications of professionals and the best players in the game. You can therefore rest assured that it is of the highest quality.

But SS cricket bats are not only geared to the top ranking professionals in the game. SS have made a sterling effort to offer cricket bats that are more budget conscious but still with a lot of manufacturing integrity. These bats mimick the high quality cricket bats that SS sells but are made from an inferior selection of willow.

Perhaps the most appealing thing to the average cricketer about the SS range of cricket bats is the fact that they do not only offer a high and a low but offer a mid-range as well. It is a marvelous mid-range as Richie Benaud might say. There are plenty bats in the range that give great cricket bat value to the average cricketer playing leather ball cricket 2-3 times a week.

Some SS Cricket Bat Records

SS are quite proud of their records posted using their bats. And so they should be, as it is no doubt indicative of the supremely high quality cricket bat products that the company produces.

At the T20 World Cup in South Africa, Yuvraj Singh famously clobbered Stuart Broad for six sixes in a row. The discerning cricket fan with a cricket memory as good as Ian Chappel might say that they remember Yuvraj using a Hero Honda cricket bat, similar to the one used by Virender Sehwag. Of course Hero Honda is a motorcycle company and were simply the bat sponsor but the side sticker on the cricket bat clearly indicates that Yuvraj was using an SS Ton cricket bat.

Another SS cricket bat record that makes the company really proud is the record of the great Kumar Sangakkara. Sangakarra was an imperious form leading into and during the 2015 cricket World Cup. This led to him scoring four consecutive centuries. This is a remarkable record and feat and of course Kumar Sangakkara did it with an SS cricket bat. And yes it even displayed SS as the sticker on the bat.

SS T20 cricket bats

ss t20 cricket bats

As the game of T20 has evolved, many bat manufacturers have tried to provide the ultimate power hitting cricket bat for batsmen. If you remember it was during the IPL that Matthew Hayden debuted the Mongoose cricket bat. It seems that the Mongoose was a gimmick that did not last too long.

SS cricket bats however produce remarkable quality T20 cricket bat. What manufacturers try and do with the T20 bats is give a maximum amount of sweet spot all over the bat but along with that they try and increase the amount of power that the batsman can impart on the ball by making the bat lighter and increasing the bat speed.

To this end of creating a T20 cricket bat that is not a gimmick and can stand the test of time, SS has created T20 cricket bats with absolutely massive sweet spots and edges and at the same time they have kept the pick up and weight distribution so feather light that the batsman has a mega amount of bat speed to hit the ball with enormous power.

Availability in the USA

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