SS Premium Player Cricket Bats - SS MS Dhoni - SS Ravindra Jadeja - SS Professional Cricket Bat Unboxing and Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 7th Sep 2023

SS Premium Player Cricket Bats - SS MS Dhoni - SS Ravindra Jadeja - SS Professional Cricket Bat Unboxing and Review

In this video, Amar Shah delves into the second box from the August shipment, revealing an array of premium-quality cricket bats, including exciting new editions. Let's take a look at Amar's insightful review, where we'll uncover the exceptional craftsmanship and performance that SS is renowned for.

SS Professional Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Professional Cricket Bat 2023 is a masterclass in cricketing excellence. Crafted from premium Grade 1 English willow, it combines premium materials with impeccable design. Despite its weight of 1195 grams, this bat feels surprisingly light during play, thanks to its excellent weight distribution. Boasting nine straight and dark grains, it adheres to the highest standards of quality. Featuring a traditional SS profile with a duckbill toe, it sports thick edges and a robust toe. The medium round handle completes this exceptional package.

Amar's ping test, performed with a white ball, confirmed what we expected - an amazing ping. This video introduces us to five SS Professional bats, each displaying a unique character while maintaining the hallmark SS quality.

SS Ravindra Jadeja Jaddu RJ8 Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Ravindra Jadeja RJ8 Cricket Bat 2023 is a colossal cricket bat, constructed with an abundance of clefts, challenging even the measuring gauge. Amar was left speechless by the pristine faces of these SS cricket bats. Sporting eight straight and equidistant grains, it also features striking stickers and a grippy texture on the handle. With an almost semi-oval handle, this bat weighs around 1170 grams. A ping test conducted by Amar further confirmed its exceptional performance. While this bat may not meet ICC standards due to its substantial edges and increased spine height, it remains a formidable choice for other tournaments.

Amar unboxes and reviews five SS Ravindra Jadeja RJ8 cricket bats, none of which pass the gauge test. However, they all share the distinction of being crafted from Grade 1 premium quality English willow, resulting in remarkable ping. Variations in grain count and minor weight differences aside, these bats offer consistent quality and performance, with some featuring distinct wood pressing.

SS Dhoni Thala Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Dhoni Thala Cricket Bat 2023 shares a similar profile with the SS Ravindra Jadeja RJ8 Cricket Bat. Featuring a traditional SS profile with a duckbill toe, this bat successfully passes the gauge test, making it suitable for ICC-sponsored tournaments. It retains substantial edges, measuring around 40mm in thickness, and a toe width of 30-35mm. Weighing approximately 1180 grams, this bat showcases nine beautiful and dark grains. Despite its weight, it exhibits a light pickup, feeling more like an 1150g bat in hand. The medium round handle adds to its playability, and its ping is nothing short of exceptional, as expected of an SS Thala Cricket Bat 2023.

Amar's review includes five SS Thala cricket bats, all crafted from Grade 2 English willow. Some of these bats embrace a classic SS profile without the duckbill toe and feature different wood pressing techniques. Variations in weight and grain count may also be observed. Nevertheless, they share the same level of quality and deliver outstanding performance.

SS Ton Special Edition Cricket Bats 2023

The SS Ton Special Edition stands as one of SS's most popular bat profiles. Boasting a traditional SS design with a duckbill toe, this bat weighs around 1190 grams, with a surprisingly light pickup that feels akin to an 1165g bat during play. Its front face is a canvas of perfection, adorned with 11 straight and equidistant grains.

Amar's review introduces us to three SS Special Edition bats. The second bat commands attention with its substantial edges and bulky profile, failing to pass through the gauge. Meanwhile, the third SS Special Edition offers a lower sweet spot compared to its counterparts, accompanied by variations in grain count and minor weight differences. These disparities arise from the distinct clefts of wood used in their manufacturing.

Amar's ping test, conducted with a brand new red cricket ball, reaffirms the exceptional quality of these bats, with the ball bouncing off the bat's surface with phenomenal force.



These SS cricket bats, meticulously selected and reviewed by Amar Shah, epitomize the craftsmanship and quality that SS is renowned for. Whether you're aiming for power, balance, or exceptional ping, SS has you covered. For those seeking to elevate their performance on the cricket field, these bats offer an opportunity to enhance your game.

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