SS GG Smacker Cricket bat 2022 - Review.

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 15th Sep 2022

SS GG Smacker Cricket bat 2022 - Review.

Amar Shah reviewed SS GG Smacker's newly introduced lineup in this video after the successful launch of the SS GG smacker cricket bat last year. SS introduced a new concept to the industry, slimmer from the top and all the weight concentrated at the bottom. SS presents this lineup by having SS GG smacker as a base followed by three different ranges. These amazing budget bats were a great hit last time and are restocked at The Cricket Store Online.

The SS GG Smacker Cricket bat 2022

The SS GG Get Going smackers are finisher bats because of their unique construction. These cricket bats have remarkably similar specs throughout the range. The branding and willow used only differ. The branding is done in an SS style featuring a Golden color as the base model with engraved Smacker written on the front. The unique design composition includes an offsetting knob at the end, a counterbalance, a slim handle to swing easily, and a concentrated bottom. This big profile bat has a spine, starting from mid and going all the way to the bottom. These bats were specially designed for hard-hitting or short-format games like T20. The many bulges make it easy to swing, assisting it with the specially designed shoulder, and providing great pickup. SS calls this specific golden base model as player Editon's cricket bat.


The SS GG smacker includes the following ranges.

The SS GG Smacker Signature Cricket bat 2022

The Signature Edition, followed by the base variant, is made from grade 3 English willow. It has the same profile with the bottom sweet spot to hit those big sixes. The Signature branding is done in green, engraved “Signature” on the back.

Weight Range - Medium (2.9lb-2.12lb), Light (2.6lb-2.9lb)

Willow Grade Quality - 3

Edge Profile - Very Thick

The SS GG Smacker Blaster Cricket bat 2022

The gorgeous-looking blue cricket bat has “Blaster” engraved on the back. It has the same profile as discussed above light pickup and concentrated bottom. This blaster-specific version is made from Grade 4 English willow.

Weight Range - Medium (2.9 lbs-2.12 lbs), Light (2.6lbs -2.9lbs)

Willow Grade Quality - 4

Edge Profile - Very Thick

The SS GG Smacker Punch Cricket bat 2022

SS has mimicked the same spec profile in this one as well. With Fishnet and stuffed sheet already applied, it is a great starter choice in this price range. With the engraved “Punch” at the back, this smacker punch is made from Grade 5 English willow.

Weight Range - Medium (2.9lb-2.12lb), Light(2.6lb-2.9lb)

Willow Grade Quality - 5

Very Thick Edges and a Very Light Pickup


All of these bats are available to buy at The Cricket Store Online.


For a complete expert review, watch the video below!