Spartan MC 2000 Cricket Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 18th Jul 2014

Spartan MC 2000 Cricket Bat

Spartan MC 2000 Cricket Bat

The Spartan MC 2000 Cricket Bat is a truly fantastic cricket bat. It really has to be for it to be named for one of the modern day masters of batting, Michael Clarke. Spartan Cricket have some of the games most prolific ambassadors, including Chris Gayle and MS Dhoni, but none have been as successful with their Spartan weaponry as Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke. Clarke is truly world class and the same can be said for the Spartan MC 2000 Cricket Bat.

One of the defining features of this bat is the square toe and the mid to high sweet spot hitting zone. While they seem to be unrelated the two definitely go hand in hand. The square toe has enabled the Spartan bat makers to create gigantic size edges. The gigantic size edges also lend themselves to the profile of the bat which provides extra meat for the mid to high sweet spot. The mid to high sweet spot is a specification that is tailor made to suit batsmen like Michael Clarke. Players who have exquisite timing off the back foot and can play the ball off the front foot on the up. It is also a great bat for batsmen who play on slightly bouncier pitches like those played on in Australia.

The pick up for the bat is extremely light and the fact that the bat is very well balanced is testament to the master bat making skills of the Spartan bat makers. The light weight in the bat is achieved by having the subtlest of bows to the bats profile.

As a relatively new brand of bat on the market, Spartan Cricket Bats are incredibly well priced. They offer the quality that can be expected from the world's best bat makers and it for that reason that batsmen like Michael Clarke favor the incredible Spartan MC 2000 Cricket Bat.

No batsmen will be disappointed in purchasing the Spartan MC 2000 Cricket Bat.

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