Shrey Masterclass Air Titanium Cricket Helmet Review

Posted by jason mellet on 14th Dec 2016

Shrey Masterclass Air Titanium Cricket Helmet Review

What is the hottest cricket batting helmet at the moment?

The Shrey Masterclass Air Titanium cricket helmet is one of the most prolific cricket batting helmets currently being used by a plethora of international cricket stars!

What is so amazing about this cricket helmet?

Well, it has to be the protection it offers along with the incredible comfortable factors that have gone into producing this Shrey cricket helmet.

What is great about the protection of this helmet?

It conforms to all the latest standards of the BSI. The BSI tested many helmets and the Shrey Masterclass Air Titanium cricket helmet passed the tests. These tests ensured that the helmet had good structural integrity and also tested to ensure that a cricket ball cannot fit between the peak of the helmet and the grille. Shrey does not just rest on their laurels, they consistently strive to give more and more protection. The 2017 model of this helmet has even more facial and head protection.

Also keep in mind that this helmet has a titanium grille. This means that you can rest assured that your face will be properly protected.

One of the protective features that distinguish the Shrey Masterclass Air Titanium Cricket Helmet is the fact that a neck guard that is designed specifically to fit this cricket helmet is also an option. This of course protects the vulnerable neck area of the batsman.

What makes the helmet so comfortable?

There is no international level cricket helmet out there on the market that can claim to be as light as the Shrey Masterclass AIR Titanium cricket helmet. Weighing in at about 750g, it is easy to see why the name AIR is part of this cricket batting helmet.

The removable and washable inner sweatbands are just another element of this helmet that make it an all-round outstanding cricket batting helmet.

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