Shrey Cricket Helmets

Posted by jason mellet on 11th Oct 2016

Shrey Cricket Helmets

Shrey Cricket Helmets

What is the best Cricket Helmet to Buy?

There are many great cricket helmets on the market. Masuri is an example of a great cricket helmet brand. You should strongly consider  Shrey Cricket Helmets though. Shrey Cricket Helmets conformed to the standards that were set out by the British Bureau of Standards. The revised standards were made to ensure better cricket helmet safety. Especially when it comes to the ball not going between the peak and the grille and Shrey cricket helmets passed these standards.

Why should I buy a Shrey Cricket Helmet?

Well there are 3 reasons:


Shrey Cricket Helmets are extremely lightweight but that does not belittle the extremely great protection that they offer. A lighter cricket helmet means a more comfortable cricket helmet.


Shrey Cricket Helmets are built extremely strong. There is unique anti-shake technology on many of their new helmets to ensure that the helmet absorbs the impact without budging and transferring the impact to the head of the batsman.

Most Importantly…..


Like mentioned,  Shrey Cricket Helmets passed the BSI standard testing and offer high protection cricket helmets on the market. Shrey has worked on increasing the amount of protection that is given to the ear area of the batsman. Shrey has also ensured that there is a maximum amount of visibility for the batsman without compromising on safety. This means that the ball will not be able to pass between the peak of the cricket helmet and the grille. Shrey also of course tests all their grilles to ensure that there is structural integrity.

All-in-all when selecting a cricket helmet, you want to be buying something that has the safety quality of a Shrey Cricket Helmet and of course there is the added bonus of great comfort too.

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