R-66T Academy Ball Feeder -Review Of Joe Roots Ball Feeder

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 7th Aug 2022

R-66T Academy Ball Feeder -Review Of Joe Roots Ball Feeder

In this Video, Amar Shah reviewed the Product R66T Academy Ball Feeder which is available at the online cricket store. While addressing the exclusive launch, Amit shah told us that this product went viral in times of covid. A lot of professional cricketers, as well as children, used to practice while in isolation. This soft tossing and fielding machine tosses the ball every 8 seconds to assist in polishing your skills. Amar Shah, while reviewing, ensures that he will get one for himself and his son.

Key Features.

- Practice Fielding And Soft toss batting Machine.

- Help you Boost hand-eye co-ordinate and lifting accuracy.

- Provide Adjustable toss height and distance.

- Durable and lightweight.

- Get the consisting feed of your batting drills

R-66T Academy Ball Feeder

Light Weight Balls

The R66T academy ball feeder comes with a pack of 8 lightweight balls to toss and practice around. These light balls weigh approximately 2oz or 56g, about 100g less than those regular cricket balls. Making them playable in the backyard without worrying about getting hurt or breaking anything around. These balls have a dimpled design that is a little pressable, which Amar liked about them.

Ball Feeder And Profile

Now let's discuss the R66T ball feeder itself. With a very lightweight and durable body, this ball feeder with the plastic body is adequate for rough use, around 2.5kgm. It comes with an easy assemble spiral ball funnel, which leads the balls to a spring shooter or launched one by one with a delay of every 8 seconds. You can also make adjustment levels to set up the profile and inclination. The level adjuster at the back helps you get desired pitch to practice differently. It does have a spring adjuster at the bottom, so it helps a lot.

Branding And Manuals

The R66T is covered with Root Academy branding on the side. While reviewing, Amar expressed it as easy to understand. It comes with a user manual guide with step-by-step instructions on assembling, flight projectile adjustment, and directions to power it up.

Connections And Plugging

It operates with a battery and plug. The battery container is at the bottom of the ball feeder, and 4 x D size batteries are required to operate, but the batteries are not included with the package. The plug included in the package does need a converter. If you are in the US market, you will have to buy a converter separately, which goes on the top.


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