Payntr XPF Cricket Shoes 2022 Models - Review by CSO

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 10th Aug 2022

Payntr XPF Cricket Shoes 2022 Models - Review by CSO

In this video, Amar Shah reviews four new Models of Payntr XPF. After a long time, CSO now has their hands on exclusive Rashid khan’s and Quinton De Kock’s shoes.

CricketStoreOnline is probably the only store in the USA with these shoes right now as they got them shipped directly from the Payntr factory in China. All four models are incredibly lightweight, water-resistant, provide excellent stability, and have the same sole. The sole of these shoes offers superior traction with all those rubber pimps.

Additionally, they have grooves for metal spikes in each shoe. But of course, you can cover them if you are playing on an astroturf or mat with rubber studs. A pack of 22 rubber studs would be enough to cover these grooves.

Let’s get to a detailed review of each shoe!

1. Payntr XPF-19 Cricket Shoe 2022

Payntr XPF 19 comes in a stunning blue and white color combination. It is a fantastic cricket shoe worn by Rashid Khan in IPL games. These shoes are lightweight and fit perfectly. Typically, Payntr shoes are a bit tighter than mentioned size, but these shoes are the same size as Amar explains in this video which is a great plus when ordering these. This shoe has a V profile, an upgraded upper of the highest quality, and enhanced toe protection. XPF-19 are made keeping in mind the needs of a runner. So, these shoes also serve as running cricket shoes. If you are someone who plays long matches in the field, these would be an excellent choice to keep you agile while fielding.

2. Payntr XPF-22 Cricket Shoe 2022

Payntr XPF-22 is the lightest Payntr shoe that Amar reviews in this video. It is 10 grams lighter than XPF-19. Being a lightweight cricket shoe, XPF-22 eases the movement of a player on the field. These shoes are water-resistant and have amazingly sturdy soles that provide a steady step-in as you move. XPF-22 has a fantastic orange and white color and the same design as XPF-19. Apart from the weight and color of these shoes, both XPF-19 and XPF-22 are almost identical.

3. Payntr XPF-AR Cricket Shoe 2022

Payntr XPF-AR is an all-rounder cricket shoe as suggested by its name. It comes in the same orange and white color combination. These shoes look taller as their soles have extra material present inside them. This provides extra heel protection that helps you stay comfortable while playing long games like 40 over matches and 50 over matches. Because of additional material in their soles, these shoes are a little bit heavier than the previous shoes. However, they are still lighter compared to Adidas and New Balance cricket shoes. The sole of these shoes has 11 grooves each. So they need a set of 22 rubber studs to cover them all.

4. Payntr XPF-P6 Cricket Shoe 2022

XPF-P6 is a bowling spike with the same orange and white color. This shoe is specially made for fast bowlers and has a velcro strap. This strap keeps your feet locked in while running at a fast pace. So, it helps keeping your ankle extra tight and sturdy. These shoes have the same build and profile as XPF-AR cricket shoes. They give you fantastic stability and exceptional toe protection on the field.


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