Nivia Heavy Tennis Training Balls

Posted by jason mellet on 13th May 2016

Nivia Heavy Tennis Training Balls

One of the best ways to train for cricket without having to use a leather ball is to use a heavy tennis ball like the Nivia Heavy Tennis Training ball. The advantages of this cricket training ball is that it bounces on more surfaces than a regular leather cricket ball would. The other advantage is that being that the weight of this heavy tennis ball is the exact same as a leather cricket ball, it has a very authentic cricket ball feel off the bat. This helps the batsman get a better control over his timing and feel when he does eventually transition to using the real leather ball, when the space and surface allows it.

The Nivia tennis training balls is also a great tool to help train cricket bowlers. A tennis ball cannot give the bowler an authentic feel of the weight and flight of a leather cricket ball. The Nivia Heavy Tennis Training Ball does. While a bowler still will not be able to practice the art of swinging a cricket ball or spinning a cricket ball, the Nivia heavy tennis training ball still allows the bowler to feel the correct weight.

The Nivia Heavy Tennis training ball is also great for cricket beginners. Cricketers or coaches that do not feel that they are ready to train with real leather cricket balls can transition beautifully to leather ball cricket with the stepping stone of a heavy tennis ball. It is a far better tool than going straight from tennis ball cricket to leather ball cricket.

Lastly there is the consideration that many players around the USA are playing on surfaces that will not be able to take a leather ball, the bounce will not be fair and therefore a great way to get a better feel for cricket if unable to play with a leather cricket ball is to play with a ball like the Nivia Heavy Tennis Ball.