New Balance DC Series Cricket Bats - Complete Profile review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 18th Sep 2022

New Balance DC Series Cricket Bats - Complete Profile review

Amar Shah reviewed the new lineup of New Balance DC series model cricket bats in this video. These bats focus on lightweight pickup and a consistent profile throughout the lineup. As the name suggests, Dynamic Cricket DC. The branding symbolizes the active and focused play with a Navy Blue and Orange combination all over the bat. Dipesh handpicked these bats from the India New Balance factory, which are now available at The Cricket Store Online.

These bats have a consistent profile with thick toes and shoulders to counterbalance their weight. These bats are very well-balanced and provide light pickup. All of these are reviewed in order. The following bat reviewed is an upgrade to the previous one.

New Balance DC 590 Cricket Bat 2022.

The NB DC 590 is the first on the budget lineup made from SH grade 4 Willow. Although it is a budget bat, it has lots of grain and a spotless front face. It has a consistent, almost full profile and a mid-to-low sweet spot. The big semi-rounded handle and a thick shoulder balance the whole weight nicely and provide a great pickup.

New Balance DC 640+ Cricket Bat 2022.

The NB DC 640+ is made from SH grade 3 willow. A spotless face with many straight and dark grains to the bottom. Again a very consistent profile with mid to low sweet spot with large thick edges and a swell bow. For the grade 3 English willow, it pings phenomenal.

New Balance DC 740+ Cricket Bat 2022.

The NB DC 740+ has the same profile as previous bats. However, they have a slightly thick handle with thick and bulky shoulders. The increase in the cleft is balanced well with wide 40mm edges and toes. It has the same mid to low sweet spot and a spine height of 60mm and is made from SH grade 2 willow.

New Balance DC 840+ Cricket Bat 2022.

The NB DC 840+ is a hand-selected cricket bat with a beautiful clean front face having dark and equidistant grains on them. Although it is labeled as a 2.10 lbs cricket bat, Amar expresses how well these bats are balanced. It picks up around 2.08lbs. Again, the profile consistently has a mid to low sweet spot with thick and bulky edges.

New Balance DC Pro+ Cricket Bat 2022.

The NB DC Pro+ has a dual-tone hardwood shade with a clean and straight front face. It comprises SH grade 1-B willow with a thick handle and shoulder. It does have a lot of cleft in it and weighs around 2lb and 10oz. It picks up even lighter. The handle is thick at the bottom and slim at the top, making it a conic handle. It has a similar profile to the one mentioned earlier, with a mid to low sweet spot and thick edges.

New Balance DC 1070+ Cricket Bat 2022. 

The Nb DC 1070+ is a bat made of the finest grade 1 English willow. The bats are slightly dual-toned with many straight grains in them. NB DC 1070+ cricket bats have a semi-hard press like SG cricket bats. As these bats are player profile bats, they ping exceptionally well, and Amar was very impressed with the ping and pickup.

New Balance DC 1280 Player Edition Cricket Bat 2022.

The NB DC 1280 Player Edition cricket bat is made from the world's finest grade 1+ English willow. This is the original Player Cricket bat offormer Australian skipper “Steve Smith.” A consistent full profile cricket bat with a mid-swell and large thick edges. The handle may differ according to the player’s preference. NB DC 1280 cricket bats are made from reserved cleft having the same press as previous bats. This bat has a semioval handle and pings exceptionally well.


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For a detailed review, watch the video below!