MRF Hammer VK 18 Cricket Bats 2023 - Complete Review and Summary

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 15th Mar 2023

MRF Hammer VK 18 Cricket Bats 2023 - Complete Review and Summary

In this video, Amar Shah comprehensively reviews the newest addition to MRF cricket bats, the "MRF Hammer VK 18 cricket bat 2023." His review delves into each bat's distinct attributes and benefits, making it an indispensable source of information for cricket fans. Amar's review highlights essential details that can assist you in making an educated purchase decision.

MRF Hammer VK 18 Cricket Bats 2023


The MRF Hammer VK 18 Cricket bat 2023 is the latest addition to the MRF 2023 range of cricket bats. This T20 version of Virat Kohli's profile cricket bat is ideal for finishers who love to play long shots. These cricket bats have a nearly full-profile design, featuring thick bottoms and a spine height that is relatively lower than traditional Asian willow bats. Bats with this type of profile have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they provide a distinct advantage in T20 cricket, allowing batsmen to score runs quickly. Unlike the original player bat used by Kohli, the MRF Hammer VK 18 cricket bat is not made of Grade 1 English willow. Instead, it is made of Grade 3 English willow, a slightly lower grade but still high quality. This means that the bat is more affordable than the original player bat, making it a good choice for amateur or recreational players.

Handle and Weight

The handle on these bats is a bit between a semi-oval and round handle. However, the handles are slim. So, adding an extra grip will drastically improve the pickup on the bat, which Amar recommends users do. Adding an extra grip to these bats can significantly improve their balance, making them feel much lighter than their actual weight of 1188-1196 grams. As a result, you can achieve higher precision in your shots and perform at your optimal level.


Amar checked the ping on these bats with a white cricket ball and found that they had a consistent and soft ping. This means the bat performs excellently on the field, helping players hit long and powerful shots.

In this video, Amar provides a review of two bats. He points out that due to the handmade nature of these bats, there could be some variation in the spine height and minor differences in grain count and weight. Nevertheless, he assures viewers that these dissimilarities are negligible and have no significant impact on the bat's overall performance.

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