Morgan switches back to Masuri

Posted by jason mellet on 15th Sep 2015

Morgan switches back to Masuri

Eoin Morgan has been hitting some peak form in the recent ODI series against Australia. Morgan is supremely dynamic with the bat. His running between the wickets is impeccable and he hits the ball plenty a mile.

From a cricket gear perspective, Morgan uses Spartan cricket equipment. As we know players that use a particular brand of cricket gear, do not usually use that brand of helmet. Most players use a Masuri or Albion helmet. Gray Nicolls & GM Cricket have however courted some of their top players to use their own brand of helmet. You will therefore see players like Alex Hales, James Taylor and Alistair Cook wearing a Gray Nicolls helmet.

There is a particular curiosity with Morgan as he changed his brand of helmet mid series, Morgan started off the most recent ODI series against Australia wearing a Shrey Helmet and then by the 4th ODI he was wearing a Masuri Vision Series Helmet.

There is no doubt that the Masuri Vision Series Helmet is the top cricket helmet on the market. It has a re-enforced grille that does not let the ball penetrate between the peak and the grille. The Vision Series Helmet is also the first helmet to have the Stem Guard. The Stem Guard is specifically designed to protect the neck area of the batsmen, that is traditionally exposed and unprotected. The Stem Guard came about as a result of the tragic death of Phil Hughes, who died after being hit in the neck area.

Masuri are the first to have a Stem Guard and many batsmen have immediately switched to using the Masuri helmets.

Morgan's decision to have the best protection available turned out to be an incredibly well timed decision. Morgan was hit flush on his Masuri helmet, during the 5th ODI at Old Trafford. While it is quite plausible that his Shrey Helmet may have protected him the same, it must have been as an assurance to Morgan that he had the absolute best protection available in Masuri.

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Nasser Hussain picked this up on commentary, noting that Morgan had made the change because the Aussie pacemen were testing Morgan with the short ball. It goes to show that Masuri is definitely the top protection out there.

Watch the video here below.

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