Moonwalkr Cricket Batting Pads

Posted by jason mellet on 24th Nov 2014

Moonwalkr Cricket Batting Pads

What should your batting pads do for you?

Your cricket batting pads are essentially made to protect you while facing the bowlers. The thing is though is that they are still supposed to afford the batsman a huge amount of comfort while playing their shots and while running between the wickets. There are many batting pads that afford great protection but this can come at the expense of comfort.

Why is the Moonwalkr different?

The  Moonwalkr batting pads is the full first composite cricket batting pads in the history of the sport. The full composite lightweight pad is a move away from the perpetual use of high density foam that has been in use for close to a century. This is a technology that has been worked on by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Along with the Moonwalkr manufacturers in Bangalore the Fraunhofer Institute has been working to create the perfect composite in a batting pad that offers high protection and high comfort.

It took 10 months for them to come up with the perfect composite solution. Experts at the Fraunhofer Institute were shocked at how bulky the leg impact protection for cricketers actually was. They were able to produce a streamlined product that is lighter than many other existing products in the market. They were able to find a material that dissipates the impact of the cricket ball over a larger surface area thereby also allowing the batsman higher protection.

The biggest advancement with these pads is comfort and speed between wickets. They are very easy to run in.

Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Sourav Ganguly were proponents of the Morrant Streamlined Batting Pads, while the Morrant batting pads are fantastic, the Moonwalkr batting pads are that much better. They are not only a better product than the Morrant batting pads but they are in fact better than any other cricket pads on the market. With the right marketing, exposure and perhaps cash impetus it will not be long before Moonwalkr becomes the cricket pads of choice for most cricketers.