Latest Limited Edition GM Cricket Bats 2024 | Complete Profile Review

Posted by Cricket Store Online on 1st Mar 2024

Latest Limited Edition GM Cricket Bats 2024 | Complete Profile Review

In this video, Amar Shah from Cricket Store Online unveils and provides a detailed review of the latest cricket bats from the esteemed manufacturer, GM. These particular bats are part of the 2024 edition lineup, showcasing GM's commitment to innovation and performance.

GM Brava Limited Edition Cricket Bat 2024

From the moment Amar held the GM Brava Limited Edition Cricket Bat, he was captivated by its lightweight design and exquisite willow. Made from Grade 1 English willow, the bat boasts flawless front and back faces, featuring a profile that perfectly aligns with Amar's preferences. The sweet spot, strategically located in the lower midsection of the bat, mirrors the profile found in SS bats. With a sturdy bottom and a pre-applied toe guard, these bats exude quality and performance expected from a player-grade cricket bat.


Amar proceeds to demonstrate the bat's prowess through a ping test, bouncing a new pink ball on its surface, revealing an impressive and consistent ping even at the bottom. This underscores the exceptional quality of these cricket bats, undoubtedly poised to elevate your gameplay and make scoring runs a seamless endeavor.

GM Aion Limited Edition Cricket Bat 2024

The GM Aion makes its debut as GM's latest offering for 2024, and Amar explores its features with keen interest. Adorned with striking stickering and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the bat exemplifies GM's commitment to excellence. Fashioned from Grade 1 English willow, the front face boasts exceptional quality with numerous straight and evenly spaced grains. Sporting a mid to low profile, the GM Aion 2024 offers a departure from the lower profile of the GM Brava. Its sweet spot, strategically positioned in the lower midsection of the bat's blade, ensures a balanced feel during play. For players seeking a bat with a more even weight distribution compared to the GM Brava, the GM Aion 2024 emerges as an excellent choice, reflecting GM's dedication to superior craftsmanship.


In conclusion, GM continues to set the standard with its 2024 edition cricket bats, exemplified by the exceptional GM Brava Limited Edition and GM Aion Limited Edition. Crafted with precision from Grade 1 English willow, these bats promise not just quality but a cricketing experience elevated to new heights. With a focus on performance, balanced profiles, and strategic sweet spot placement, GM ensures that each stroke with these bats is a testament to their superior craftsmanship. For those eager to wield these cricketing gems, you can find the GM Brava Limited Edition, GM Aion Limited Edition, and a diverse range of cricket equipment at Cricket Store Online. Elevate your game with the best-in-class cricket gear from the comfort of your home.


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