Hell 4 Leather Cricket #H4L

Posted by jason mellet on 28th Sep 2014

Hell 4 Leather Cricket #H4L

Hell 4 Leather Cricket

There are few cricket bat companies that bear a name that encapsulates exactly what they wish to accomplish. The brand I am referring to is of course the supremely hand crafted cricket bats from Hell 4 Leather in the UK. There slogan sums up what they do quite perfectly, they create their cricket bats by hand "from cleft to crease", you can be assured that you are receiving a superlative piece of cricketing willow.

They do not stop at that, they claim on their site with great pride and as they should that they create the finest pieces of cricket willow "from roots to runs".

Like any great podshaving company they offer a custom bat making experience, from choosing the cleft to actually choosing the specification from the tip of the bat to the toe. They also have a range of bats that can be picked off the shelf, even so, every single bat that comes out of the Hell 4 Leather workshop is hand crafted from genuine high quality materials.

Their honesty when it comes to keeping integrity to classic cricket bat making is obvious with their Devil Bat range.

The Devil bat range is a slightly less expensive range simple because the quality of the willow is a notch below the willow used to make their regular range of bats. These still make for great net bats and the prices on them are also great to fit a budget.

All in all, Hell 4 Leather is a very cool cricket company and best of all, they are doing it the good old traditional way, by hand and producing monstrously good cricket bats.

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