Gray Nicolls Maverick F1 Players Cricket Bat

Posted by jason mellet on 17th Aug 2015

Gray Nicolls Maverick F1 Players Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls has a host of really great cricket bats. Perhaps the most novel in their range of bats is the Gray Nicolls Maverick. As the name would suggest, this bat has some very funky things going on with the edges of the bat. The edges of the bat are made with new Speed Groove technology. This technology aims to improve the aerodynamics of the bat. Better aerodynamics would mean faster bat speed and more power through the ball. Many players who like to time the ball will find it a bit gimmicky but there is something to be said for increased power, specifically in limited overs cricket.

There is a slight concave on the Gray Nicolls Maverick. Again Gray Nicolls are going for an ultra light pick-up and balance on the bat to get maximum power through the ball and the concave assists with that.

The Gray Nicolls Maverick has an even mid-blade bow and also a mid-blade sweet spot.

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The handle of the Gray Nicolls Maverick is a 12 piece cane handle. The Gray Nicolls Maverick in the full size short handle ranges in weight between 2lbs8oz and 2lbs12oz. There is no doubt that the expert bat makers at Gray Nicolls believe in this bat as they have chosen top grade 1 English Willow for its making.

The Gray Nicolls Maverick would be a good option to look at for limited overs players who are looking to get maximum power into their shots with increased velocity in their bat swing.

James Taylor is a player that used the Gray Nicolls Maverick and that as a more diminutive player he has excelled in the 2015 county cricket season, particularly in the limited overs versions.

Aesthetically it is a very pleasing bat with a bright red and black. Stickers on the back of the bat are high quality and really highlight the quality willow on the front.

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