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Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat

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Gray Nicolls F18 Cricket bat

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Cricket beauty is in the eye of the Gray Nicolls F18 holder. This new bat from Gray Nicolls is a true masterpiece for multiple reasons. The most important reason that makes this cricket bat an absolute star is that it provides optimum performance for batsmen whether they favor the front foot or the back foot, the Gray Nicolls is sure to perform.

One ought to own a cricket bat license to own such an impeccable piece of cricketing equipment. It is the bat of favor for Australian limited overs run machine, George Bailey. One could clearly see that this bat is manufactured with high octane shot making in mind. The kind of shot making and stroke play that is synonymous with limited overs cricket.

Gray Nicolls have put the sweet spot zone in the center of the bat. This along with the full hitting zone profile ensures maximum power through any shot, from the audacious switch-hit to the ultra classical cover drive.

The handle is semi oval. The semi oval shape in the handle provides batsman extra comfort when at the crease, it also ensures that batsman have much better control when playing even the most dexterous of shots.

Aesthetically, the new Gray Nicolls F18 is a winner too. It has all the curves and trademarks of classic and traditional bat making with some refreshing and cool modern touches. The traditional Gray Nicolls stickers on the bat are in red and black with the Gray Nicolls makers name adorned with traditional black and red checkerboard stickers.

Gray Nicolls have a rich history of excellence and high performance when it comes to making the best bats on the cricketing scene. The F18 is not only going to continue the immense Gray Nicolls legacy, it might just take it to a whole new level. You do not want to be a cricketer who has a kit bag sans the new Gray Nicolls F18.

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